Faking It: (S03E03) ‘Karmygeddon’

Amy decides to leak Karma’s video and everyone begins to tease her and the ‘media’ also wants to get a comment which she declined to do.

But out she goes and her Hawaiian guy shows up wanting her to be chill and that causes her to loose it and go for the interview. 

Things went south when she gets ambushed by her own devilish revenge of leaking Amy’s diary making her storm out. Bumping into her ex who tries to tell her she is being cheated on but fails as he is not one to be the victim of delivering bad news! 

Fast forwarding a bit Lauren and Shane decide to do the right thing until they see their own names on Amy’s diary making them curious to get the next page. This leads to them going to a dude who represents the black market style thing who hands them over after some threats to his manhood 😂

Towards the end both Amy and Karma wind up cleaning the school as the principal punished them and it took a rat I repeat a RAT to make them friends again!

So next time never underestimate a Rat! It renews friendships and provides you with the healthcare as they undergo the tests first!