Stitchers: (S02E02) ‘Hack Me If You Can’

As expected we are going back to the usual one episode story. But this time they have improved their style of presenting it as they added elements which are interesting in between. 

Take for example Camille wanting to learn how to fight, Cameron wanting a bike and then they managed to create an intriguing story of how a hacker manages to play around with everything including the new house we saw Linus take.

In addition this wasn’t just it they also showed the new boss of the new director! Yes Maggie is the director now!

What they actually wanted to show in this episode is how a person who wants to disappear can disappear or if they wat to be found they easily can be found. And if you haven’t linked it then yes she (hacker) will be the help or key in finding Clarke or solving a bit of the mystery!