The Flash (S02E17) “Flashback”

Its time to do a Marty Mcfly moment Barry Allen! Yes Barry, goes back in time, is this plan crazy or what? I say its crazy but I will get to that in a moment, first I want to talk about the episode.

So in the episode, Barry, Iris, Wally, and Joe were sitting down in the West home for a lovely cooked dinner. But with Wally being the second genius in the house talking about what he wants to do with his career after hes done with college by ways how to make things go faster with some kind of system. Which made Barry think back to Eobard Thawne/Harrison Wells Imposter, coming up with equations in how to make Barry run faster back in the Season 1 times; however the point of time Barry wanted to run back in time was when Pied Piper was still helping Harrison/Eobard with the development of the Particle Accelerator, but a time-wraith (cool name by the way) threw Barry off track which forced him to get off the Speedforce train way too early which landed him when Pied Piper’s first encounter with the Flash back in Season 1 timeline. Barry then was forced to knock out Season 1 Barry and then pose as him but the wraith had other plans to  destroy the future Barry. There was a confrontation between future Barry and Eobard which didn’t go quite according to plan, with Eobard planning a serious kill move that would’ve split future Barry in half but with the time wraith, Eobard had second thoughts and chose to help future Flash with his dilemma. Future Barry got what he needed and ran back into his timeline with the wraith following him and Pied Piper chose to help Barry and destroy the time wraith.

Okay first off its time travel, of course I’m going to be in love with this episode; especially since Greg Berlanti told us that we wouldn’t see Barry doing any time traveling this season which disappointed me in that news because I mean yeah bad shit can happen but its good to see them doing that subject in a TV Show. But of course its good to see that they did make a choice to bring the subject back in this season. But now that Barry has traveled so far back in his time traveling this episode it makes me wonder now, how much is his current timeline going to be fucked up? I guess we will find out soon!

Catch The Flash episode 18 which will air April 19th!

Show stars: Grant Gustin, Danielle Panabaker, Tom Callanagh, and Carlos Valdes