Brooklyn Nine-Nine (S03E20): “Paranoia”

Review: Rosa and Pimento take their relationship to the next level… by getting engaged! Yes, after three(?) weeks, Rosa and Pimento are now engaged and convinced they’ll be together forever. Sounds fake, but ok, they’re both sort of crazy so they might just be a perfect match. 

Pimento asks Jake to be his best man, while Rosa enlists Charles, Amy and Gina as co-maids of honor. Terry, who’s in charge for the week now that Holt is out of town for a conference, doesn’t approve of Rosa and Pimento’s impending nuptials, because Pimento is, well, a little unstable. So Rosa convinces Jake to smooth things over between Terry and Pimento. Which backfires at Pimento’s bachelor party, when he tells the men he’s convinced someone is trying to kill him. 

Rosa’s bachelorette party is a lot less murderous! When Charles, Amy and Gina can’t agree on the perfect kind of party, they all decide to throw their own party for Rosa as a contest. Gina’s party is her nephew’s 13th birthday party – a paintball party, which means Rosa gets to shoot at teens! Amy’s party is even more fun: a quiz about Rosa, which is also a drinking game. And seeing as no one really knows anything about Rosa, it’s basically just an excuse for them to get hammered! And just when they think it can’t get any better, it’s time for Charles’s party: demolition of a closed down restaurant! Of course, Charles wins! 

Meanwhile, the men chase down the guy who’s supposedly been following Pimento, only to find out that Adrian was right. The guy is a contract killer hired to kill Pimento. They stage Pimento’s death with some ketchup and a veal’s tongue and, disguised as the contract killer, Jake meets up with the guy who hired him. After the meeting, the men follow the car all the way to the FBI and they figure out that someone in the FBI wants Pimento gone. 

This revelation makes Pimento realize that he needs to go in hiding and after an emotional goodbye with Rosa, he disappears, as the rest of the Nine-Nine vows to find out who’s behind all of this.