Chicago PD (S3E19): “If We Were Normal”

screen shot 2016 03 31 at 4 25 00 pm - Chicago PD (S3E19): "If We Were Normal"Review: 
Because “If We Were Normal” was such a ship-worthy episode, I’m going to review the relationship developments of last nights episode, including created between Drew and the missing women he kidnapped. 
Our first ship of the night was the powerful due of Lindsay and Burgess. Burgess confides in Lindsay for advice about dating your partner, admitting she often forgets Lindsay and Halstead are in a relationship because it seems “so easy.” Actress Sophia Bush (Lindsay) gave one of the funniest one liners of the season in this first scene, full of sarcasm and joy at the reaction of Burgess’s new revelation about her feelings for Roman. This brings me too…
Roman and Burgess, now known as Broman
From the moment I started watching this show, during this season, I felt their chemistry. While many Burzek fans have expressed their disgust and anger about this relationship over Twitter and other social media platforms, this relationship was bound to happen. While Roman has given no direct confirmation of his desire to be romantic with Burgess, his silence during Ruzek’s jealous argument shows he isn’t disgusted by the idea. Since I’ve brought up the dramatic love triangle, I must naturally mention…
I’ll admit it, because I did not start this series on the first season, I did not experience the same relationship bloom between Burgess and Ruzek. While I certainly felt romance, it has never been as strong than Broman. I think I enjoy a jealous Ruzek more than I do watching him as Burgess’s boyfriend (or finance). I know many fans want these two back together, but I have a feeling they’ll be moving farther apart throughout the rest of Season 3. 
Linstead (+ Skinstead)
Finally, arguably my favorite relationship-tied with Lingess-had a moment of romance last night! We see them cordially working together in every episode, and often drinking at Molly’s, but hardly do we get what we got last night. Now, if you haven’t watched the episode yet, I don’t want to completely spoil it for you, but…Basically Lindsay and Halstead go home together and there’s, of course, a lot of making out and a shirtless Halstead. Never a bad combination. 
“If We Were Normal” was backed with a whole other form of relationship was well. This one is not so lighthearted. The criminal of the episode, Drew, kidnaps three separate women. Below I’ll discuss these relationships.
Ruby and Drew
We first meet Ruby after Lingess hears from three witnesses on the street who have seen a girl stab someone and run down the street. The officers discover she is a missing person who has been held in a room with no windows and raped. Chicago Med guest stars reveal she is pregnant, a fact she is initially dismissive of, but comes to accept, saying at the end of the episode, “I’m going to keep the baby. I want one good thing to come out of this.” The actress playing Ruby gave a dramatic yet simple performance that worked perfectly with the complexity of the episode. 
Madison (Jamie Lynn) and Drew
Yeah, so, this is a crazy relationship. Yet again, Drew has kiddnapped a missing person, Jamie Lynn, but after years of living with Drew, Jamie Lynn becomes Madison and forgets about her past. With the help of Lindsay, she comes to terms with the reality of her world. This character brought a new depth to Drew’s criminal actions. I felt deeply for her.
Jennifer and Drew
This was the least explained relationship. I found it a bit confusing, but basically, Jennifer was the third missing person to be kidnapped by Drew. The Intelligence Team is able to track down her location, but it is too late. Drew has killed and buried her after having no need for her, seeing as Ruby is already pregnant with the child he desired. While it would have been nice to have a little more information on Jennifer, it was also completely unnecessary. 
In all, “If We Were Normal” portrayed six sets of relationships, half of which were semi-normal and half of which were fully unordinary. The focus of each relationship brought more enjoyment watching the episode as it wasn’t merely on crimes, but of the people and their, in some cases, romantic emotions towards Drew, the crime, and their future.