Arrow: (S04 E17) “Beacon Of Hope”

Review: Everything and everyone was the “beacon of hope” this episode. We’ve got a badass opening scene with Thea, Laurel, Dig and Oliver being back to training! I’ve missed those scenes, they are always so incredibly badass. And yeah, Oliver is pushing his team Arrow for the sake of forgetting about Felicity, but a badass scene is a badass scene no matter what.

Now guess who is back! It’s Brie Larvan – or as Felicity’s mom would say – wackadoodle. She is also known as the lady who invented the robotic bees. She has cancer that will make her paralyzed and she needs Felicity’s microchip to stop that from happening. She is a pretty cool villain, but I’ve said it in the previous post that I feel as if the show has been running out of villains. They should bring in more characters without looking back at season 2 of the show.

When Thea, Felicity and Donna are trapped, team Arrow has to save them. Thankfully, the show has a male character of a Felicity. Curtis swooped in!
He was quite frankly the best part of the episode. He was so excited to meet everyone on the team and be a part of the team for a little while. 
His lines were the most humorous too.

In the meantime, Damien Darhk is (once again) working up some magic that will let him out of the prison. It’s a mistery just what exactly is going on, so we’ll just have to see.

Malcolm didn’t have a proper storyline since the end of season 1 and now he is back to doing what he does best – which is … Being a villain. By the end of the episode, he approaches a person in the car to get help for Damien. It turns out the person he was talking to was none other than Andy Diggle, John’s brother! Is Andy back at being the villain again? Oh no …

The flashbacks are super slow this season and they bore me to death. Reiter is even more boring than Damien is and the scene is going nowhere!

The next episode is supposed to include the MAJOR death of the season, who is it and what exactly is going to go down? We’ll have to wait till next week!

If you ask me, Curtis can officially join team Arrow. I like Felicity and she is a terrific hacker, but I’d love to see the scientistic side of her now and I’d also like to see Curtis more, because he is awesome.