Blindspot: (S1E15) “Older Cutthroat Canyon”


Last week’s Blindspot episode ended with Reade (Rob Brown) lying unconscious on the ground and Jane (Jaimie Alexander) dismissing whatever ongoing relationship Oscar (Francois Arnaud) was trying to solidify with her. And this week, we pick up right where we left off. When Reade comes to, he is sitting in a car handcuffed to the steering wheel. As he attempts to get away, the masked figure holds a gun to his head from the back seat. Ensuring Reade that if continues to look into the disappearance of Connolly, Sarah (Jordana Spiro) and Sawyer will be in the firing line. He agrees to back off, reluctantly but does so nonetheless. Before he can free himself his attacker gets away. Elsewhere, Jane is meeting Oscar at another one of their rooftop rendezvous where her next assignment involves planting a GPS tracker in the teams SUV. Obviously Jane has no intention of going through with this, yet as she continues to grapple with the push and pull from both Oscar and the FBI she agrees to do this, if only to keep Weller safe (Sullivan Stapleton).

The case this week revolves around a crime involving a contemporary artist whose museum is burgled. What is the association between this crime and Jane’s tattoos you ask; the only painting stolen is that of a burning rose, identical to the one on Jane’s body. Not only that, this painting is one of the newest of Zomo’s (the artist) collection. Zapata (Audrey Esparza), Reade, Weller and Jane make their way to the museum to scope the crime scene. What they learn – the artist himself remains anonymous – makes the search for leads and information that much more difficult. With her mission to place the tracker still not yet complete, Jane makes up a story about forgetting her radio while the rest of the team searches for evidence. Reade is still so suss and is so onto her. Experiencing flashbacks, Jane stumbles when placing the tracker but obviously reminds herself that this is what she must do to keep her team safe.

As she makes her make back into the museum, Kurt has discovered that the robbery was set up to coax the team there, the target being Jane. Alerting them all just in time, Weller unfortunately does not make it out of the blast site where he is wounded. As the camera cuts to an injured Weller, he is lying on the ground bleeding out from his neck. Weller undergoes surgery and successfully pulls through (note: while in surgery Sarah tells Reade she loves him, but he doesn’t say it back) while the team use what information they do have to track down Zomo. Their search leads them to a loft, where a dead Zomo is seen tied and bloodied. As Reade and Jane enter, she is shot, twice in the chest and falls to the ground. Luckily her bulletproof vest saves her, the SWAT team and Reade unknowingly let the assailant get away but not before he confronts Jane. Gifted with another flashback, the identity of the gunman is familiar to Jane, she remembers him from before. Too bad that at present, he is trying to kill her.

With Weller in the hospital and the brazen nature of the current suspect, Jane runs, and removes herself from her team, making contact with Oscar. Questioning him over the identity of said gunman, it is revealed that he was once involved in her plan but unfortunately went rogue. We also learn that he was the one responsible for the safe house attack. Needing to end this before anymore of her team get injured, Jane asks Oscar what they must do. He says simply, “we need to kill him”. Jane and Oscar race against the clock to track down Kade before he causes anymore damage while the FBI continue to piece together their own puzzle. When the museum assistant is asked to come back in for questioning, she reveals herself as the real Zomo; Kade had orchestrated this entire plan and unfortunately her and her boyfriend were unknowing participants. Meanwhile, Oscar has reached out to another old associate (someone else Jane remembers) who has set them up with everything need. Too bad they didn’t use it sooner because just as they are about to leave, another sniper shot rings out and hits “Danny” in the chest. As he dies in Oscar’s arms, Jane insists they must keep moving; Kade has become one of the more relentless adversaries thus far.

After Patterson (Ashley Johnson) worked her magic (something I find quite similar to the magic of Dr. Reid on Criminal Minds), the team are headed to a (big) boat docked at a power plant. Once on board, an alarm sounds to alert Kade that people are trespassing. As a pursuit ensues, the team gains ground on Kade but only until he sneakily traps them inside a steel-enforced compartment with no way out. Meanwhile, Jane and Oscar are still arguing about where her loyalties lie, but with a stealth move Jane pulls a gun on Oscar and flies to the rescue of her team. Jaimie Alexander and her work as Jane Doe has been captivating, she delivers the loyalty Jane has to her team so viscerally that we as an audience very rarely question. Yet, her vulnerability when faced with knowing all, is just as nuanced. The moral and ethical dilemma, as well as the pull between past, present and familiarity is so well portrayed by Alexander that we can’t help but back her. As Weller has a burst of resourcefulness, coming up with the idea to blow the steel door up – Reade and Zapata are seriously questioning his sanity at this point. And just as he is about to blow the door up, there is Jane. Before she can even attempt to save them, Kade has her gun point and leads her away. They begin to fight, Jane somewhat getting the upper hand before Kade retrieves his gun. Pointing it at Jane we think it is all over, but as a gun shot from behind sounds, Kade falls to the ground. We turn to see Oscar, and in a split second as to not reveal his identity, he rushes Kade as they both fall overboard.

In true Blindspot fashion, the closing moments give us answers, and then in the same breath creates another new mystery for us to solve – that is, after all why we keep coming back week after week. Back in the squad room, Jane gets a stern talking to from Mayfair and Weller, both unhappy at her rogue ways. Not only that, Mayfair (Marianne Jean-Baptiste) is continuously suspect of Jane and easily pokes holes in her cover story for the recent case. We learn also that no body was found by the coast guard, so either Oscar somehow disposed of Kade’s body or he got away. Back on the home front, Sarah and Kurt are bonding over the craziness that was their day when Reade shows up, but not to talk to Kurt. After Sarah earlier in the episode told Reade that she loved him, it was expected that a discussion was to happen. I can’t say I was surprised that Reade not only didn’t say it back, but broke up with her however deep down the audience I am sure was rooting for these two. The motivations behind this lie we can assume come from his wanting to protect her and Sawyer from the unknown dangers that come from his job, but come on Reade, give the lady some credit, she loves you. Elsewhere, Jane waits for Oscar at their meeting spot and when he appears the relief and happiness shown by Jane leads our imaginations off into a world where Jane may be starting to trust/fall for Oscar. Let’s hope not, because as Oscar recounts his history with Kade and that they successfully beat him, we cut to a scene of a very ALIVE Kade car-jacking someone. Does that mean Oscar and Kade are actually working together? Is Jane being played?