Empire (S02E11): “Death Will Have His Day”



WOW! What a great return, Empire always amazes me. Tonights episode was great, it picks up right of where last episode left off. Hakeem voted in favour of Camille, but in the end it worked best in his favour anyways, since he become the CEO of Empire. 

On the other hand  we finally got more Jamal and Cookie scenes which is always a good thing, I love the dynamic between these two. There mother and son relationship is one of my favourite parts of the show. We  didn’t get to see a lot of that in the first half of the season, so its great to see more of it again. 

One of the other great things this half of the season that we’ll hopefully see more of is a nicer lighter side of Cookies relationship with Lucious. We got a really nice scene between the two of them in tonights episode, it was so cute and funny, since we’ve never seen that side of them before. 

Just DAMN incredible, Kaitlin Doubleday definitely stole the show in tonights episode. My heart went out to Rhonda, it was so heartbreaking and the performance was incredible. The stair scene was completely crushing to watch. Not only that but Trai Byers deserves a mention too, Andre was just amazing. That MELTDOWN scene was PHENOMENAL, just such amazing talent right there, the BOTH of them. I’m so glad we get more of them, these two characters are under appreciated and it sucks that we had to watch them experience something tragic to get such a BRILLANT performance from these two actors.

This return epsiode was great, and I cant wait for the next few. This half of the season is going to be so amazing I cant wait for more.