Legends Of Tomorrow: (S01E09) “Left Behind”

Review: We’ve been kind of travelling through time this entire episode. Kendra, Ray and Sara were left behind by the rest of the team in the 1958. They’ve had to move on with their lives. It took 2 years for the rest of the team to save them.

Kendra and Ray fell in love. Which is crazy. The actress doesn’t have chemistry with any of the characters (I’ve liked her with Cisco on The Flash, but everyone else seem inappropriate as her romantic interest). I’ve even liked Ray with Felicity on Arrow. But Ray AND Kendra …
He wanted to propose to her, yet when they came back to the ship, their “2 years long relationship” seemed as if it was forgotten straight away, especially by Kendra, so I am not buying this.

Sara went back to the place she found herself at, Nanda Parbat. This was epic! I think Arrow and The Flash both lost their touches a bit and it was a huge mistake for Arrow to kill of the old R’as al Ghul. Now, he was back! We’ve got a sense of the old Arrow material, meaning we got a glimpse of Sara the assasin, the entire group and the one and only good R’as al Ghul.

Then, Mick is not dead. He is actually playing the role of the Chronos and is trying to get vengeance.  He kidnapped Snart. Meaning … They’ve wrecked up our/my (?) favorite bromance – Mick and Leonard. Was that seriously necessary?

Overall, this wasn’t a bad episode. I got through it a bit faster than normally. The one good episode of the season was the one with Oliver and travelling to the future. That episode didn’t include any appareance from Savage and neither did this episode. I definitely think they shouldn’t focus on Savage in every episode, although he is a good villain. It’s better this way.

Next time, the team is travelling to the future.