The Catch (S01E01& S01E02): “Pilot & The Real Killer”



The first episode of the Catch was surprising to say the least, but ONLY in the best way possible. It was so DAMN refreshing in comparison to the other Shondaland shows, which is what makes it such a great show. Usually her shows, are so intense and full of drama, while the Catch has this, its on a lighter scale. It makes for a nice break from the other TGIT shows tonight. It’s also just very unique, they way they’ve gone at it, they make it visually stunning, incorporating the city as a character, the camera angles and shots for some scenes are done in a certain way, which makes the viewing experience such a unique one to watch.

In the pilot episode, it was very similar to all the trailers that were released for this show. We got to see how Alice fell in love with Christopher, and its was charming and sweet. I really liked the way they told, it was done in the perfect way to make us love them as much as Alice does Christopher. Which is what makes is easy as a viewer to relate to her as a character, the writing on this end is just amazing.

Not only that, but in the pilot we saw how Christopher was pulling a con right in front of Alice’s eye but she never knew until mid way into it. I liked how they did this whole cat and mouse scene when she finds everything at his office is gone. Then again in final party scene where they see each other, but neither does anything. The old school spy take incorporated with the art of photography of the show, makes it perfect for viewers today, taking an old concept but such a new and fresh take on it.

WOW! Mireille Enos is just so incredible, its such a pleasure to watch her play Alice Vaughan. If you’ve seen some of her other work like I have you’ll know she’s a fabulous and talented actress. But it doesn’t even matter if you haven’t, she’s just THAT good in the Catch too. I’ve loved how she brings everything to her character in this show, its so satisfying to watch.

Also its such a great pleasure to watch Peter Krause on the catch, its so different from his last role in Parenthood. But it doesn’t hinder his acting, he’s incredible, he plays the role with just enough balance of likability to like and dislike him at the same time.

I love those scenes were Christopher sees Alice, the silence of it all when he’s admiring her then compare that to when Alice is thinking of the memories that she shared with him. Which is more heartbreaking to watch, cause she’s torturing herself, but she’s also trying to think of anything and everything that will help her find him.

Alice friendship with Valerie kind of reminds me of the early friendship of Addison and Naomi from Private Practice, since there friends but they also work together, plus there dynamic and take on the ideas of relationship are opposite. 

On the other hand theres Sophie, who Alice invokes lawyer-client privilege with in the second episode. I like the dynamic between them, its like a student and teacher, its clear that Sophie looks up to her in spite of Alice letting herself conned. 

Lastly, there’s Danny who I haven’t quite figured out as yet, but in the second episode you can tell he’s more curios and nosey, seeing Alice and Sophie talk in private. So thats intriguing to see which road he’ll go down when and if he finds out what there doing 

The one thing that Shonda is very good at, is that she makes us fall in love with the characters right from the start. Theres not one show of hers that I’ve watched from the pilot where I haven’t liked at least one character right from the pilot.

Lastly I’m so curious to see how Margo, Reggie and Ben aka Chris got together, the most intriguing thing about them is that they’ve become like a family despite what they do for a living. Which makes me even more curious to see how it all started out, so hopefully sometime we will get a backstory on these characters.

Agent Dao, is interesting, in the pilot, he looks at Alice as a suspect and that carries through in tonights episode. Not that he catches her off guard though, she’s aware of it, all except for the bug he just planted in her house. But for us as audiences it was obvious, I noticed that straight away, when he was holding the door handle when he visited her in the final scene.

One thing thats great about this show, is that there not making us wait, since Alice is smart and very good at her job. She’s able to play the game just as fast as Ben/Chris. I love that he took the bait and from the look of next weeks episode, I cant wait to see what happens. The combination of a procedural type with a new case every week and the arc story of Alice finding Chris is a nice balance, I like how the stories connect in a small way. 

If you haven’t already checked out the Catch, I urge you, its amazing, definitely wont let you down. Its a great show its so worth checking out theres something for everyone, so do yourself a favour a watch it.