Vikings: (S04E07) “The Profit & the Loss”

What could have gone wrong? EVERYTHING!

Not only did Ragnar not see anything coming he saw extra things as he was kind of high in Chinese medicine. The funny part is it’s Chinese! It shouldn’t work well 😂

And you have to give it to the writers, last time we saw Rollo turn sides to his brother and we all hoped if not expected him to be an inside man who has been in deep. But he held his head high and manned up to the situation protecting his new home. And not only was he the person who was the mastermind behind the fortress they made he managed to quash all efforts of the Vikings.

Floki now having his friendship back with Ragnar after being saved by him goes back to see bad news as his wife is burnt because of the French soldiers that ambushed their tents. 

Meanwhile in Essex King Ekbert leaves for Murcia, he finds an ally one of the sons of the once powerful King that ruled Murcia. He had a good proposal to give him the reigns as long as he manages it.

As we expected there was a huge bomb coming and it did! The next episode shall get better.