You, Me and the Apocalypse: (S01E10) “The End of the World”


Rhonda, Leanne, Spike, Scotty, Leanne’s boyfriend, General Gaines, and Larsson are on an airplane. There is about two hours until the comet hits.

Dave and Jamie’s mom get married. Celine is there. Frankie is there and tells them they have to hurry. Where to exactly, I am not sure.

Jamie is in the vault and notices a camera. He is able to communicate with Dave and his mom. He gives them the password to open the vault and they rescue him.

Frankie and Celine are in a car and Celine is happy about the end of the world because she will get to see Jude again. Frankie said Jude doesn’t want to see her because of the baby. Celine says it is impossible and that she can’t be pregnant. Say says her tummy doesn’t work. They go into a deserted hospital and Celine finds a pregnancy test. She tells Frankie she has to pee on it and Frankie says that is disgusting. Celine’s pregnancy test shows she is pregnant. The hospital where Celine is has been hit by some of the comets and is collapsing. Celine calls out for help and says she is pregnant. Frankie, Jamie, Dave, and Jamie’s mom look for her and pull her from the rubble.

It looks as if an engine went out on the airplane or they were hit by one of the comets and they are going down. The next scene shows the plane is pieces on the ground. General Gaines is alive. Leanne is wandering around. Scotty is unconscious. Leanne finds a fire extinguisher and puts out some of the fires. Rhonda is sitting strapped into her airplane seat next to her boyfriend and says “So this is England.”

Now it is only 23 minutes until the comet hits. Larsson says they are still two miles away from the bunker and that Rhonda and Spike are going to get into that bunker. Spike had something through his hand. Ouch! Larsson pulls it out. Ouch again!

Rhonda stops a truck and tries to hijack it but he drives away. Rhonda shoots the driver in the head as he drives away. She says, “He was gonna die anyway right? In a few minutes?”

Ariel and Frankie’s mom are talking in the car. Apparently Ariel couldn’t get an erection last night. Frankie’s mom says they have more important things to talk about. Ariel calls Frankie’s mom babe. She says “Jamie, did you just call me babe? You hate that word.” She figures out that it is Ariel next to her, not Jamie. He had just said that he wants her to be safe and they can be together in the bunker. Frankie’s mom says she would rather die. She crashes the car.

Now there is only fifteen minutes until the comet hits. Jamie, Celine, Frankie, Dave, and Jamie’s mom are in the car. He turns around and sees Frankie’s mom so they are able to pick her up. 

Meanwhile Rhonda, her boyfriend, Spike, Scotty, General Gaines, & Leanne are in the vehicle that Rhonda stole. Leanne is driving. Rhonda keeps saying “But he was going to die anyway, right?”

Something happens and Jamie’s car isn’t able to make it to the bunker. The River Thames is in the way. Jamie yells at God and tells the River Thames to part so he can go through. It does. I guess Jamie’s mom was right and he really is the son of Go

There is nine minutes until the comet hits. Rhonda, Scotty, General Gaines, Leanne, Spike, Larsson, & Rhonda’s boyfriend make it to the bunker! Yay! We finally get to see the famous bunker. I’ve only waited all season for this.

Rhonda’s mom is there and says you are all grown up and asks for a hug. Rhonda says “No. We went through eight foster homes in 13 years. You killed dad and died in a plane crash. We are not at hugging yet. We are at yelling. Apparently you were rich with servants and this, whatever this is.”

Scotty’s mom asks Scotty what happened to him because he is wounded. Her monkey is sticking his hand in Scotty’s wound and he asks his mom to take the monkey away. Someone is in a crate behind Scotty and says “Don’t trust her.”

The group is having trouble getting the bunker door closed. Someone is going to have to stay outside and close it. Rhonda’s boyfriend volunteers.

It is now five minutes until the comet hits. The others, Celine, Jamie, Frankie’s mom, Dave, and Frankie arrive at the bunker just in time. However, Rhonda’s boyfriend still can’t get the door closed. Jamie tries to help. He gets into the bunker just in time.

Frankie meets her great grandmother who tells her she is just a peach. Frankie says she is weird.

There is one minute to go and Jamie says here he is locked in with all these freaks. The TV he is watching in the bunker goes blank. The crater has hit.

Ariel is crawling to Rhonda’s boyfriend outside the bunker saying to let him in. Rhonda’s boyfriend says it’s too late. He says he is the real Jamie.

Last scene, Jamie gets a strange grin on his face. Is he Jamie or is he Ariel? This is the question that will haunt viewers forever. So what do you think? Is it Jamie or Ariel in the bunker?