Blue Bloods: (S06E18) “Town Without Pity”


Hello. I am Jolene, the new writer for Blue Bloods. I am going to try something different for this episode. Instead of reviewing the show in chronological order, I will try to take each of the three stories one at a time from start to finish.

Story 1 – Erin

A radio show host calls someone asking about his wife’s murder. Erin enters the radio station looking for someone but he is not there.

In the next day or so Erin is having lunch with the radio show host who claims the person they are looking for is somewhere in Europe. She leaves without eating says she wasn’t that hungry anyway but maybe Erin is, hinting that Erin is hungrier for a story than even the radio show host.

Next, Erin is meeting with a young lady who says that the person Erin is looking for thinks no one will ever find him. The lady says she told Kathy Elliott, the prosecutor before Erin, about this man and what he said and did. I am assuming the man in question harmed the person Erin is interviewing.

Erin has a GPS placed on Kathy’s car. Remember, Kathy is the former prosecutor. Erin follows Kathy and finds her on a bus interviewing someone. The radio talk show host is there as well. Kathy shows Erin a recent picture and says Beth is still alive. Beth must be the suspect’s wife who was supposed to be murdered.

Erin says the woman in the picture is not Beth because she is four inches shorter. After a little more conversation Kathy agrees to hand over all of her files and that is all for Erin’s story.

Story 2 – Jamie and Eddie

Jamie and Eddie are called to a car with an alarm going off. They talk to the landlord of where the owner of the vehicle is registered. They notice a smell. They enter the man’s apartment and he is a hoarder and he is dead. He has been dead at least a few days. The landlord says that she is not sure if Henry Clark is his real name as he paid the rent in cash and he received mail in a few different names. The landlord knew of no next of kin and he had no visitors.

In the dead guy’s apartment Eddie finds a bag with hundreds of $100 bills wrapped in plastic. Jamie finds an apology note to someone named Sandy saying he hopes the money will help.

Jamie and Eddie make several visits to the apartment. One time Jamie is making comments about how some of the stuff in the apartment might be valuable. He says no one has claimed the money. It almost sounds as if Jamie is thinking about taking something. That doesn’t sound like Jamie. Jamie says the dead tenant was there for the last 25 years. Eddie finds newspaper clippings about one of the biggest bank robberies that happened in the city many years ago. She wonders if the money is part of that robbery.

Jamie is saying everyone involved in the robbery is dead and the bank went under. Suddenly someone knocks on the door. It is Sandy Harper and her grandson. She says Henry sent her money.

Sandy tells Jamie that Henry sent her $10,000 every few months. Sandy needed the money for her grandson. He went to a special school. Sandy tells Jamie her husband was a guard at the big bank robbery. Her husband died in the robbery. The bank folded before it could pay her benefits.

Jamie takes time out from the case to go home and talk to his Grandpa about the money he found and where he thinks it is from. Jamie asks what if no one is looking for that money and the dead guy wanted the money to go to someone. Grandpa asks if the dead guy left a will. Jamie says no. Grandpa says the case would go to the public administrator then. Grandpa tells a story where he had to make a judgement call and then tells Jamie not that they are talking about anything real. Wink wink.

Later, Jamie has Sandy look through the apartment and tells her to look everywhere, cupboards, closets, and under the bed. Jamie tells Eddie that Sandy needs the money to keep her grandson in that special school. Eddie says what if someone starts asking questions later. Jamie says she will have to decide whether to rat him out or not.

Story 3 – Frank and Nick Constantine and Danny and Stavros

The story of Frank and Nick and Danny and Stavros overlap because Nick is Stavros’s father and they are trying to protect each other.

The episode actually begins with Danny and his partner at the site of a shooting at a restaurant. It appears to be gang related. The restaurant owner, Stavros, says he has never had trouble before.

Frank is in a meeting. A young gangster type kid comes in looking totally bored with the proceedings. It turns out he is a gang member who just did three and a half years for doing an armed robbery. Frank shows him a card with his picture and the number 15 written on the card. The kid asks what this is for. Frank says 15 is the number of years he will do if he commits another crime with a handgun.

An older man, Nick Constantine, is there and talks about how Frank worked to keep him out of trouble and they want to work to keep this kid out of trouble. The kid asks if this is real and Frank says every word.

Back at the station Danny is interrogating Stavros. Danny’s partner gives him a picture of an older white guy. Danny asks who that guy is. The restaurant owner says his father. It is a picture of Nick Constantine.

At a meeting with his staff, Frank says Nick Constantine is hardly a friend, he just testified at his trial. Now this person was present at the scene of the restaurant shootings. This is the guy that was at the meeting with the young gang banger at the Fresh Start program where an older offender takes a younger offender under his wing.

Danny and his partner find the car of a person they are looking for. It is at the restaurant. They find the guy they are looking for, Nick Constantine. Danny says hello to him, introduces himself, says Nick knows his dad, and says they should talk outside. Meanwhile Danny’s partner is cleaning out the restaurant along with some other police officers. Nick shows Danny his gun and says at his age he is not going back to prison. Danny says I think you have caused your family enough pain already. Nick says if they do this, he wants to talk to Frank and no one else. Danny says he will see what he can do.

Frank is back at the station when Danny arrives. Frank says he heard his suspect wanted to talk to him. Danny says he didn’t want to take the commissioner’s time every time someone asks for him. Danny asks the last time Frank talked to a suspect like this. Frank says he can’t think of a time. Danny tells Frank that the gun they found on Nick was used in the murders at the restaurant.

Frank asks Nick what happened at the restaurant. Nick talks about how they started shooting. Frank asks where his boy was at the time. Nick says in the back of the restaurant. Nick says he gave the state 20 years of his life and that he doesn’t owe anyone anything.

Stavros is at the police station asking Danny if he has his father there and admits that he has something to say. Danny tells him to come on. He tells Danny his father is the strongest man he knew. He spent 20 years in the system and never complained about the food after owning a restaurant. Stavros says the night of the shooting he heard someone named Alex threaten his dad and then he just started shooting. When it was over, Nick took Stavros’s gun and told him to keep his mouth shut. He says his father still has a few good years left and he can’t let him go to prison for something he did. Stavros confesses. Danny takes him in to see Francis and hands Francis a folder with a note saying the confession is a load of crap. Frank tells Danny to take Stavros down to central booking. Frank tells Nick he doesn’t think he is going to let his son do this. Nick says they had to shoot those people otherwise they never would have let them be. Frank says they have the cuffs on the wrong man. They don’t show what happens but presumably, they let Stavros go and arrest Nick for the murders at the restaurant.

The last scene is the family dinner. Jamie announces that he went to this guy’s funeral who was alone and had lived alone for 25 years. Now all of his stuff would go to the public administrator. Nicky asks if Jamie has ever done this before and he says no but that he felt that he should go to the funeral. Frank says he hopes that the young people at the table don’t have to wait to be his age to show some grace in situations that deserve it. Danny says the good news is that not any of them have to worry about dying alone. The end.

It felt like a good episode. Real old school police work with discretion when deserved. It shows how police officers are real people with emotions and thoughts and are not just robots.