Fresh Off The Boat (S02E18) “Week In Review”

Review: It’s time for the annual student-faculty basketball game and Eddie and his friends are preparing to beat the teachers, unlike last year. They are even more motivated when Eddie and their math teacher Mr. G make a deal: if Eddie scores a basket on him, the whole class will be homework free for the rest of the year, but if Eddie doesn’t score, the homework will be doubled. But then Eddie gets lice. He is not allowed to be at school, which he doesn’t mind because now he will miss the game, and the bet can’t go on. Or so he thinks. When Mr. G announces that the bet is still on, even though Eddie can’t play in the game, he decides to go to school after all and scores the basket.

Jessica and Louis were a united front during the time that Eddie (and Evan) had lice, but when Jessica gets infected as well, Louis can’t take it anymore and stays over at Marvin and Honey. But Marvin’s conventional ways of thinking about women who work and Honey’s speech about how much Jessica does in the household and for work, makes Louis realize that he needs to be there to support her, lice or not.

Whenever I hear the word lice, I already start scratching my head, and I did the same during this entire episode (and when I was rewatching it). Besides the itchy feeling it gave me, the episode was hilarious, with some interesting storylines. Can’t Eddie’s friends just get a spinoff or something? They are seriously all so great. Also, I never realized how much I love seeing Jessica and Louis together until the first scene of this episode, but they were great as a team throughout the whole episode. #TeamJessiLou

Rating: 9/10