The Originals: (S03E16) ‘Alone With Everybody’

A masterpiece is all you can call it!

To think that after seeing the whole Tristan story the series was going to a dead-end was wrong! Like very very very wrong. They are just getting started. Even though he wasn’t much of a deal at the beginning showing up here and there this was all Lucian this time.

Bringing flowers and charming up his way to Freya he managed to make all things go in his favor and in least imaginable way possible.

In this episode there were three stories.

  • Klaus and Hayley
  • Elijah, Freya & Marcel
  • Finn & Kol

Klaus being on the run with Hayley and Hope stop to an area of wolves. He gets taught a lesson again by Hayley one of the few women that can harass Klaus and not get beaten up. 😂


img 4987 1 - The Originals: (S03E16) 'Alone With Everybody'
‘Partners for Hope’
The lesson being ‘Being Kind Isn’t Weakness!’ 

Hayley going to comfort the girl she babysat ends up discovering that her friends are being hunted because of Klaus.

On the other hand Finn wanted his old life back one where he doesn’t have to live forever and suffer in a vampire body. Kol had something else in mind, which is to end him for casting the spell on him.

Being a very angry and uncontrollable person Kol is now set out to try to be good to not hurt Devina. And boy does she like him to the extent she went up against an original vampire and cast a lock spell on him.


img 4986 - The Originals: (S03E16) 'Alone With Everybody'
Kol has his first fight!

That gets him really angry, going after Devina to kill her but luckily Kol shows up and the brothers have another fight. You can never have a fight in the presence of Elijah! He really holds the family together.

This is linked to the whole white oak game from the other story. Vincent manages to capture his attacker with Marcel and starts to interrogate her. But his magic did him no wonders but rather he lost control over his mind and now works for Lucian.

Letting the intruder go he is now off to get Freya who has the bullet after Lucian convinced Elijah to keep in and give it to Freya to hide it.


img 4988 - The Originals: (S03E16) 'Alone With Everybody'
All Smiles For Lucian
Who knew that Lucian would be capable of doing such a thing! Vincent gets to Freya and she is captured and we see the mastermind behind the operation LUCIAN!
I really enjoyed the way they made the story join you, the introduction of technology and the jokes of Zuckerberg were great! Makes it more realistic.