Wynonna Earp: (S01E01) ‘Purgatory’

The movie Purgatory was a cool one. Mainly because it was a one day where everyone is allowed to commit whatever crime they wish to and it’s all legal. Sounds fun? Well it’s not if you are the one living in that town.

Wynonna Earp, the descendant of the very famous Wyatt Earp who had mad killing skills and the people weren’t exactly sure who we killed but he became a hero.

img 4992 - Wynonna Earp: (S01E01) 'Purgatory'
Like Teen Wolf the official story is always an animal attack and in here they blamed the coyotes. But the unofficial story was that there were demons in the area and they managed to kill Wynonna’s uncle so had the skill set to fight the demons.

The skill set was passed down to the next and being her 27th birthday she got the skill set. (Not yet sure if it was by age or because of Uncle’s death)

That being the introduction of the story, she is forced to stay in Purgatory to continue her ‘job’

The series has two more characters who were really amazing as well. First one being her sister Waverly who added the extra charisma and made he whole situation filled with some positive atmosphere sort of a positive energy. Her role is to a minimum as she doesn’t have the skills but has the will and courage. Hopefully we see more of her but she will be in for 5 episodes.

img 4994 - Wynonna Earp: (S01E01) 'Purgatory'
The second character being the cop who is an agent of a special task force set to hunt out the demons. He finds it weird seeing a girl shows up related to the famous Earp and manages to not die against demons twice. Unlike the usual Hollywood cops he used blackmail to recruit her and it worked!

Basically this episode has set out the idea of the story, a demon hunter now working with the cops who can beat the hell out of demons with her gun that glows or  you can say light up like fire. And her accuracy is too good.

img 4996 - Wynonna Earp: (S01E01) 'Purgatory'
It showed a little Constantine type touch, and you might ask what else entails in the series. The answer is guns, demons, booze & deaths.

Is it worth watching? That is hard to tell. But so far so good.