The Vampire Diaries (S7E16) “Days of Future Past”


First of all, let’s congratulate Ian Somerhalder who directed this episode and did a very good job. Last episode, the series catched up with the flash forwards and jumped three years in the future, which is now “TODAY”. I’m so glad we are already in the future, because those flash forwards were getting a little confusing.

At the beginning of the episode we saw Stephan (Paul Wesley) trapped by Reyna in Dallas, where he is offered a deal, to transfer the scar into Damon (Ian Somerhalder). Instead, Damon helps Stephan escape with the sword. Three years in the past Valerie and Stephan are talking about all places and countries they are going to see while running from Reyna who at that time was trapped in the Armory. In this episode we surely see this friendship between Valerie and Stephan evolved in something more. A two years in the past flashback showed them in The Philippines having a nice time, and even kiss! I’m really sorry Steroline fandom but this looks like there would not be any reconciliation with Caroline (Candice King) after this.  

Back in the present, the Armory requested Nora to bring Enzo (Michael Malarkey) in exchange of Mary Louise who has been the subject of an experiment where she was poisoned by some pills made from Reyna’s blood. The Armory wants Enzo to make him pay for setting free Reyna, but then we learn that in fact it was not Enzo that break her free; it was Matt the one to release her. After this encounter, Enzo and Nora team up to set up a meeting with the Armory. Enzo learned that the pills are poisonous to a witch, and he cared for one. (Bonenzo anyone?) Apparently my guess is that he has been giving Bonnie (Kat Graham) this kind of pills and now he needs the Armory’s help. Even though this “relationship” has not been explained that much, I hope we’ll get more flashbacks to understand how Bonnie and Enzo became a thing, since last we saw they kind of hated each other.

Anyway, back to Damon and Stephan. Reyna breaks the news to Damon that if he do the scar transfer he must know that he is giving up his future with Elena. This made Damon doubt his decision and instead he prevents Valerie from doing the transfer spell. Here we saw the selfish Salvatore once more, choosing himself over Stephan. In a “heart to heart” conversation between Reyna and Stephan, she admits to him that she wanted to help him because “he grew on her by the time she was trapped in the Armory” she says that she saw him traveling the world with Valerie, and explained that she was able to see him because the “scar is a mystical connection” between the victim and her, letting her know what her victims are up to. But this curious conversation did not stopped Reyna from getting to Stephan while he was talking to Damon on the phone. After Damon hears the pain scream of Stephan he finally decides to do the transfer spell and tells Valerie to do it. But they couldn’t complete the transfer in time. Reyna stabbed Stephan enclosing his soul in the Phoenix stone. This scene literally left me with my mouth open. I never thought that Reyna would actually “killed” Stephan. 

So here is when the things got interesting. While the Damon-Stephan discussion occurs, and Reyna stabbed Stephan, on the other hand we see Nora and Mary Louise in a heartbreaking scene. They are in the car escaping from Reyna who has thrown her sword and was following them. Mary Louise when noticed that Nora was marked by the sword, decided to us her remaining strength to destroy the Phoenix stone. Saying goodbye to each other both die in a car explosion very action movie style. 

Since the moment Reyna stabbed Stephan I was open mouthed, but when the Phoenix stone was destroyed with Stephan soul in it, my eyes wanted to get out of my skull! What will happen to Stephan now? Is he dead for good? Will Damon and Valerie be able to do something to bring him back? What are your theories? Share them with us on the comments section.

tvd 7x16 - The Vampire Diaries (S7E16) "Days of Future Past"