The 100 Means Business!

In the previous two episodes of The 100 we all saw the unexpected. The symbol of the LGBT community got killed in the most ridiculous way ever and the man who was able to understand the bigger picture who fell in love with a sky crew and has played a pivotal role in uniting the two clans got killed off also.

Both deaths had various reactions to the fans and of course Lexa played a bigger impact as it got personal and you can read all about it as it’s all over every entertainment website.

We haven’t had a huge death for quite some time, but we all saw it coming, as in the fact that there were supposed to be three executions. One dying than three is a good bargain but the major problem is ‘How they Die’

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Lexa: Heda 

Having been in the show for quite some time, I had always been wondering why she was always guest starring. I have tried asking around and no one had an exact answer.

It all suddenly made sense when Lexa died. I for one wasn’t very sure why everyone was angry but later realised it was a bad move in the CW department as the have a record for killing their LGBT characters.

Let’s break it down plot wise. Did the show need a death? Or was there another way to get the AI chip from inside of her?

The answer is no.

She had to die to get the chip out, if this was done in battle then the story would be jumping in the timeline as the new Heda is supposed to be the one who starts a war. Another option could have been she gets killed by a person who attacks her and trust me that is a worse dead than the one they showed.

So what they did was the best what their creative team could. An accidental death. No one can blame anyone for the death as it wasn’t intentional. But what does that leave us with?

One of the best characters that is strong, brave, brilliant and a symbol just gets accidentally shot by her own teacher who was using a gun.

The biggest question is why would he want to use a weapon he never ever touched before. It is powerful of course and effective to get the job done but think of it this way. Your main character who represents one community dies because her teacher uses a weapon he never touched for the first time and ends up firing it on her.

Does it happen? Sure it does but it’s Hollywood and they make what happens and we have seen crazy stuff happen on tv.

Now this doesn’t necessarily mean they did it on purpose.

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Lincoln: Man of many talents

As I mentioned we got one death instead of three. It is a good bargain but again the death of such a huge character wasn’t necessary. I’m sure it’s not just me but I would have preferred to see the doctor being executed.

Between the three of them he was the least valuable as he is an assistant.

But the actor is also going to another show which meant it was time to move on.

Where does this leave us? It’s not even close to the season finale and we have seen two deaths. Does this mean we will see some more? I hope not.

But this added an element of surprise to the plot. With no huge character ever dying for some time the writers wanted to show that this will not just be a happy ending where no huge sacrifices will be made.

Plot wise this is the best thing that can ever happened. A new Heda is in place that wants war something that they have been playing around with but since Lexa was there the story was stagnant and only if they would have made some kind of civil war there would never be a war and the story would just be stuck with Pike being the Hitler character.

One might argue Lexa decided to move on to the sky crew and gave orders for a kill in case of any further attacks. But she was loosing her people’s support and they were all doubting her judgment. Sooner or later she was going to be killed off the show.

All I can say is The 100 is going back to it’s old ways! It was really getting slow but now it’s really exciting.

Having discussed the two deaths we are left to wonder what impact does this have on the show.

1. Plot development & fluidity:

If you have been watching the episodes they were just moving slowly with a little bit of plot development as compared to the previous seasons. It seemed like they were getting saturated in terms of the ideas because everything had a limit eg. War wouldn’t start because of Heda.

Killing Lexa made sure a new one came in one that can have different ideas and make the story go on and as a matter of fact she is going to make the story move on as she is full on against the sky crew.

This will cause a new problem with Pike having internal issues he will now have to battle an army of the grounders who are angry because of his actions.

Lincoln’s death will create a symbol or a beacon of hope as in he will be the person who sacrificed and they will try to use him to further their cause like saying ‘For Lincoln’ and we may also get surprised to see that Lincoln’s death could be a way that the exiled sky crew join the grounders in bid to overthrow Pike.

The other story that we have is the Jaha story which is linked with the AI chip and Lexa’s death brought that into play.

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2. New alliances:

The enemy of my enemy is a friend’

A very famous quote in the world of politics. What I hope or expect to see is a Murphy and the Heda development whether it be for political or self-interest. Murphy being a realistic opportunistic man who wants to survive no matter what the cost is. And you have to respect him as he was exiled from his own people captured by countless others and still managed to stay alive.

Another alliance I really want to see is Marcus and Heda or at least with Indra after the death of Lexa. The reason why I want this to happen is because this would be a good political move from both sides as there are grounders in the prison of Pike. Even though Pike promised to take car of them we all know he is just going to use them for an exchange. But what he doesn’t know for sure is that the grounders are brave and willing to sacrifice themselves.

3. Coup, Rebellion & Betrayals:

With Marcus now on the run with several others, Pike should be concerned as Marcus has plenty of inside men to help him out. Take Monty as an example who now has his mother on his side because of the motherly instinct. Abigail could also be the next person to influence a rebellion. She was a chancellor and has influence over many people since she also saved many lives. This is a prediction but may not happen.

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In conclusion I think that the writers wanted to show that they are in control, mainly because they are being criticised for their killing of the characters and mostly of the way the show runners explained themselves. This could be one of the reasons why the chose to kill of a main character to just show that it wasn’t personal it’s just part of the story. And of course on the other hand it could also be because he deserved to die as he betrayed the Chancellor.

What I believe is that showing two deaths in the middle of the season rather than the finale like the usual way shows that they are going to be ruthless and be more realistic stopping the always happy ending as in the main characters always live and that is what makes great series like Game of Thrones & The Walking Dead different from others. Keep the fans guessing.

The writers can also try to introduce new characters and take to heights and make them favourites before killing them off. Something that we are all too familiar with in The Walking Dead. Take Hershel as an example, he was a character introduced in around the second season along with his two daughters. Hershel became the father of the group a figure who everyone respected and his death was horrifying but he died and no one saw that coming. Adding on to that his youngest daughter who was just there for being there ends up dying too and created an outburst amongst the fans. They weren’t there at the start yet they had a huge impact. That is another way The 100 can add characters to kill off.

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Whatever your opinion is, I believe the two deaths are for the greater good of the plot. Some might disagree and you have a point. But for the time being the story is just getting started!