Billions (S01E12): “Magical Thinking”


So, while I have been saying the other episodes of Billions have been good, I think I should just start by saying that this is another, they are consistently giving great episodes of TV. This Showtime drama proved it in tonights episode magical thinking. 

Yet again, its because of the characters that the writers have created for us. I’ve been saying and I will say it again. Complex characters that are interesting and push the boundaries are the ones, that we love the most, because there the ones that are the most intriguing. 

The character, that went all out, was Chuck, the thing thats most interesting and intriguing about him, is that he will literally do anything to get the job done. Lets just say, that goes for everything, I mean you’d think that the whole dominant and submissive thing he has going on with Wendy would affect his decision in tonights episode, but no.

On the other hand, Axe and Wendy are the type of characters that are right at the helm of intense and troubled situations that threaten not only them but their job. So its always best to see how they are going to react in certain situations, especially in tonights episode, that came as a shock to me, they never make mistakes which was a turn of events for those characters. 

But its because of this that we got to see the best performance from these to phenomenal actors. We’ve been waiting for them to finally have the confrontational conversation that they had it tonights episode. And WOW, it was on the best I’ve seen from them in the entire show, the back and forth intensity and intimacy between the two. I mean it doesn’t always have to be romantic in shows but its clear that it is definitely there for these two.

Only one more episode to go in the season, I cant wait. At least I wont have to worry about it getting renewed since its already renewed for a season two and I cant wait to see how the writers tackle it.