Damien Episode 4 The Number Of A Man

Damien episode four the number of a man delt with detective Shay still trying to figure out  evidence that link Damien to all these murders that happen around him but this week his character tried to  intimidate  Damien by showing him all the deaths that happen around him while also showing him the dog he killed that attack him last week.

I must say the whole scene between Damien and Shay was very well done and very tense.

Damien character point him in the direction of  Ann Rutledge character while he gose to talk to her Simone character is looking into her sister death more by trying to figure out what these signs mean she been seeing.

Her character gose to  visits a  voodoo person after a chicken  show up in her bath  tub while taken a bath. The scene is done very strangely but she finds the warning sign referring to the number 666 after the voodoo person  perfern a rirtal.

now back to to Jame Shay character who went to visited Ann Rutledge character when he gose to talk to her she tells him some info about Damien how he might be trouble person and after Jame Shay character looks around the place his character can’t find anything solid so next time we see him talking to Damien he has to let him go and tell him don’t let me see you again.

Detective Jame Shay is told to let the Damien case go and try to move on. By the end of this episode Jame Shay son is almost killed by another hellhound by having the kid follow the dog on a swimming pool that was cover up but however Shay character was able to save him by given him mouth to mouth.

I have to say this episode was very good it kept me on the edge of my seat and I’m wondering were episode five will go with these characters next.