Grey’s Anatomy (S12E16): “When It Hurts So Bad”

Review: Meredith and Will are finally dating. And it has apparently already been their third date (or second, depends on who you’re asking). A good night kiss leads to Meredith sleeping with Will. We only find out about this the next morning, when the whole house is waked to hear Meredith screaming at Will to GET OUT. Maggie is very worried and assumes Will has done something horrible to Meredith, even though he assures her he hasn’t done anything. But Meredith will not come out of the bedroom until she is sure that he is gone. Maggie gets rid of him.

After this Maggie and Amelia are discussing what to do about Meredith and whether or not they should bring Meredith coffee or tea. Yes, Amelia slept on the couch at Meredith, hiding from Owen, who forgot about their date the other night, because he was too drunk to notice anything really. Meredith doesn’t even seem to care Amelia’s in the house. When she enters the kitchen she just starts cleaning immediately. Like with actual cleaning products. I’ve never seen Meredith clean anything in Grey’s Anatomy history, so it is a bit disturbing… and funny (a bit like Izzy and the baking). Also, she doesn’t know which cleaning products to use and so Maggie and Amelia need to help.

Maggie invited Alex to the party as well in order to find out what happened to Meredith. He was told there was an emergency (read: Meredith), so he had to ask DeLuca to cover for him and is not all too happy about that. Maggie isn’t happy to hear about that either, because DeLuca told her he was going to be in surgery all day, meaning he lied to her. Amelia tries to break the news to Maggie that she is being dumped even though DeLuca was the one who thought they should be out in the open as a couple. Apparently he’s changed his mind. Maggie goes to the hospital to talk to DeLuca. He apologizes to her, but when Maggie asks if he wants to be with her or not it is clear. DeLuca has officially become a non-issue.

Meanwhile Catherine Avery has arrived at the hospital to see dr. Webber, but mostly to support Jackson with all his April drama. Of course she has heard about their divorce and she also knows April is pregnant again. I think the pregnancy is what made her get on a plane. Jackson specifically asks her to not talk to April… It’s just when did Catherine Avery ever listen to her son? But, instead of what you might expect, Catherine was actually very nice to April. She gets her to open up to her about the whole situation and they really had a good talk (according to April). Later on, we find out that Catherine only pretended to care about April just to get information on how and when April knew about her pregnancy. Catherine is planning to sue April for withholding information, when she signed the divorce papers. I just hope Jackson can (and wants to) stop her, because we don’t need more Japril drama then we already have.

And then there is Callie and Penny. Sophia, Callie and Arizona’s daughter, is submitted to the hospital with a head injury (nothing major). Penny treats Sophia. Callie is upset because Penny didn’t page her right away. Or just any other attending or resident. Penny thinks Callie is being weird, because this morning she told her ‘I love you’  and Callie replied with a ‘thank you’. Callie then lies to Penny telling her it’s because Arizona doesn’t want her to meet Sophia yet. Arizona couldn’t care less. When Penny finds out she was lied to, Callie explains that she was the one who wasn’t ready for her to meet Sophia. Dr. Bailey gives Callie good advice on how to handle the whole “meet the kid” -situation and Callie realizes she actually is ready for Penny to meet Sophia. In order to make it up to her Callie waits for her with Sophia after her shift ends, so that the three of them can go eat ice-cream together. All is good again.

Owen and Amelia on the other hand aren’t doing too well. Owen is following around Edwards in the hospital, because Amelia is still hiding and isn’t texting him back and now Edwards has to deliver his messages. Owen eventually shows up at Meredith’s house, because he wants to apologize to Amelia for being drunk etc. Amelia appreciates him coming by, but tells Owen she can’t count on it not happening again. She has to count on herself. So Owen is now an official non-issue too.

In between we see Meredith has stopped cleaning the house after finding an ugly blanket,  that used to belong too Derek. The blanket seems to be comforting Meredith and she knows she is not ready yet for dating Will. But guess who’s coming by to check on Meredith? Will has been worried about Meredith all day and just want to check up on her. Meredith explains to him why she reacted the way she did and that she wants to be ready, but that she is not. Will is very understanding and agrees to back off for now. He does promise Meredith to call her again, because he thinks she is worth waiting for. So, we will have to see when and if we will see more of major Thorpe and Meredith as a couple. For now Meredith wishes Will good night and goes back into the house. Everyone is expecting her to be freaked out, but Meredith says she is fine (and she is). She even invites Amelia to stay in her old room again, because it’s clean now. And so  three non-issues lead to Maggie, Amelia and Meredith getting back to living together.