Shameless (S06E12): “Familia Supra Gallegorious Omnia!”



In tonights episode of Shameless, things obviously did not go well. Not that I even need to say it, cause lets just put it out there, nothing ever goes well for this family, especially Fiona. I mean the writers on this show never let them catch a break, but thats what makes for great TV right, the realism of peoples messy lives not going there way. 

That opening scene of Frank breaking into the Gallagher house, is something that I just did not need to see on a Monday. We know that he’s going all out, to make sure that Sean is not in there lives anymore, and funnily enough he actually succeeded.

So ever since, the break up with Helene, Lip hasn’t been handling things very well to say the least. It just sucks to know that he’s becoming like his father, the one person who he never wanted to be like. The fact that he lets his drinking take such a big toll on his life is enough said. So I was really glad when he finally accepted the fact that it was taking over and he decided to seek help for his problem.

The doctor scene with Debbie and Franny was probably her most important scene as a character, I honestly hope that it opened her eyes to not only her stubbornness but more than that. She’s only 15 and she think she’s has all the answers in life, I’m curious to see how the writers tackle her character development next season. Especially her relationship with Fiona, which is still a giant mess, just a little less so since she came to the wedding. The one good thing that she did in tonights episode, that reminded me of the sweet old naive Debbie, was when she was talking to Lip and she told him that she didn’t want him to end of as Frank.

Best scene of the night, has got to go to Ian. WOW! Excellent writing right here, you know how there are those few shows that aren’t scared to talk about things that we are affected by in daily life. This is one of the few, shout out to the writer who did an incredible job right here, coupled with Cameron’s performance. Its this kind of writing that should be praised, that talks about social issues in an informative way and focuses on how we as a society are treating and dealing with it.

Fiona’s wedding scene was intense, he fact that Frank came in and ruined Fiona’s wedding before it even started. Regardless of what he said, and the fact that all of it was true, it was downright disrespectful. Then to have Fiona and Sean to end there relationship, in the way that they did, made his big ordeal such a waste of time, the few words that were exchanged between the two in there parting, gave me no closure. Just more questions, luckily Shameless will be back with an all new season next year, now we just have to wait.