The Carmichael Show: (S02E06) “New Neighbours”

With so much propaganda on TV, the show decided to use that and put it into this episode.

After many terrorists attacks that have happened the image that comes to the mind of someone that doesn’t have Muslim friends is that of what the news shows.

What they did was show Maxene as the person who understands and is respectful along with Jerard’s brother. The rest of the family has the idea of Muslims should be watched over.

They used a small package sent from Pakistan to their new neighbours to show the meaning. Jerard’s father takes the box home and they decide to open it. Expecting to see a bomb they end up seeing a teddy bear which they find out is a gift to their neighbours because they are expecting a child.

The general idea was to show that people shouldn’t be quick to judge and that there are 99% that are Muslims and 1% that are not Muslims but rather ‘crazy ones’ as Bobby refers to them.

They also use the stereotype that Blacks can’t swim or they don’t leave tips and at the same time they managed to use the ‘You People’ phrase to show how offensive it can be.

You have to give it to the writers to cement the story into a comedic episode and explaining that the Muslims and the Blacks aren’t always what you see on TV.

The funniest part for me and that is because I live in Africa is the way Jerard ends up using Slavery as the way he was ‘forcely invited’ to America. This reminds of the discussion I once was a part of how some of the Blacks are hiding behind the slavery up to now. 

Great episode and the idea behind it was important and with some comedy not only on religions but also at the beginning of having to mention if the couple is a guy girl or guy guy made it hilarious.