The Family: (S01E06) “Nowhere Man”


The Family opens with a scene from ten years ago. Doug chloroforms his dog. A boy is timing how long it takes the dog to wake up. So this boy is helping Doug practice his kidnapping.

Today, Officer Meyer tells the Warrens they have to use Adam as bait to draw out the kidnapper, Doug. Adam says he knows what shirt to wear. It was Doug’s favorite. Adam talks to the reporters about his favorite things like movies and friends. Doug is watching this on TV while he is serving his wife breakfast.

The lady from the bakery knocks on Hank’s door and gives him his rewards card. Remember last week Hank went to a bakery and ordered a cake for himself saying “I Win” and ate it all himself. She asks if he has a girlfriend. She says she only asks because he seemed so comfortable eating by himself. She says she couldn’t do that. He says bring a book. She says if you ever want to not eat alone, they could not eat alone together and she gives him her phone number. Oh yeah! Hank is getting some action.

Bridey meets Willa in the park and wants to show Willa Adam’s paternity test. Willa reads it, puts it back in the envelope, hands it back to Bridey, stands up and walks away. Bridey is surprised Willa has nothing to say. Willa says her mother had an affair so Adam is her brother but her dad is not Adam’s dad. She said her dad is having an affair now and her parents aren’t perfect people. She tells Bridey not to publish this. She doesn’t want John’s life ruined. He thinks he is Adam’s father.

Willa is back at her office where her coworker wants to know where she has been. Willa is having flashbacks to when Adam came home and how Danny says Adam is back but not back because it isn’t him. She also flashes back to how when Adam came home he was watching her undress and Willa has to tell him that is not OK as she is his sister. Willa crawls under her desk and cries. What is Willa thinking about? What does she know that we don’t?

Adam can’t sleep. His mom says it is so late. Adam asks his mom “What if he doesn’t see me? I look different.” Claire says to Adam that they can go for a ride up the coast and look at the lighthouses and just forget everything. Adam says he can’t forget until he’s gone. He is hot and sweating. Claire hugs him. Claire says “You said he likes you in red.”

The next morning Adam is wearing a black and red plaid shirt. They choose Danny to go with Adam to the mall food court because the others in the family are too high profile. Danny tells Adam they will catch him. Adam says he doesn’t want them to catch him. He wants them to kill him. Claire, John, and the police are watching from a van. Adam tells Danny to go otherwise the kidnapper won’t come. Adam says he wants this to be over. Adam is sweating again. Danny leaves the table and Adam is sitting alone at the table. Adam is looking around. Claire is freaking out in the van saying he is not supposed to be alone. Officer Meyer says he (Doug) is here and he sees him. Adam looks up to the balcony and Doug is there watching him.

Flashback to ten years ago at the park. Adam is on the swings. Doug and his dog come up to Adam. Adam says he wants a dog. Doug asks Adam if he wants to give the dog Milo a treat. He has something for him in his truck over there. OK so THAT’s how he got Adam.

Back to present day, the police must see Doug, they run in to the mall. Adam doesn’t look so good. Danny runs over to him. Adam gives the police a description of the man saying he was wearing a blue jacket as Doug dumps his jacket in the garbage. Adam says he doesn’t feel right. Doug meets his wife in a store at the mall. His WIFE is there?

Willa is still under her desk and her coworker knocks on the door and asks if she is in there. Willa says no. Her coworker says her mom called and said it was urgent. Willa says she will call back.

Hank goes to the refrigerator for food. The bakery lady’s phone number is on the fridge.

Adam is in the hospital. They talk about a blockage in his intestines and they need to do surgery.

Back to ten years ago, Claire is talking to Doug at his truck about her campaign. ADAM MUST BE SOMEWHERE IN THE TRUCK RIGHT THEN! OMG! Doug has furniture in the back of his truck. Adam must be hidden in one of the pieces of furniture. One looks like a trunk. A perfect hiding place.

Officer Meyer talks to John and Claire at the hospital and admits that they did not catch Doug. Officer Meyer asks them to look through video footage from the mall. John goes with Officer Meyer and Claire stays at the hospital.

Hank must have called the bakery girl as they meet at a café. Then Hank and the girl are walking and talking. Next, they are at his house watching a movie. She kisses him. Clearly this girl doesn’t watch TV and doesn’t know who Hank is. LOL! She undoes his pants and Hank has tears in his eyes. He tells her to stop. He gets a little rough with her and says stop and throws her away from him. He says “Google me.” She says “What?” He says it again. “Google me.”

Danny goes into Willa’s office where she is still under the desk. He says really? She asks him to go away. He tells her she missed a lot of action today and if she crawls out from under her desk maybe he will tell her. Willa says she can’t do it anymore. Danny says do what? She says hold everyone together. Danny says no one asked you to.

John is at the police station looking through surveillance footage. They have found Doug’s blue jacket in the trash and give it to Officer Meyer.

Someone delivers flowers to Adam’s room. The card says “Dear Ben. Feel better.” It is not signed.

Back to ten years ago. Claire’s parents are asking Willa how long it has been since she lost him. She says maybe an hour although it is dark now. It was still daylight when Doug took Adam. Since when is it a little girl’s responsibility to watch over another little boy? John, Claire and Willa are calling for Adam and asking people to help them.

Still ten years ago, Officer Meyer is interviewing countless people that were at the park the day Adam disappeared. She interviews Doug and he admits to seeing Adam. He came over to their booth. Doug says he was with his girlfriend the rest of the night. Officer Meyer asks him to write down his number. OMG! So close again. I can’t take all these close calls.

Back to present day. John is still looking through the footage and says there is no one he knows at the mall. Officer Meyer tells John they have his jacket. John says that’s great. John tries to apologize to Officer Meyer for making things hard. She says “Choose her, Choose your wife.”

Meanwhile at the hospital, Claire is talking to Adam before they take him for surgery. She has his favorite toy, a monkey. Claire asks the nurse to remove the flowers as they must be for someone else as the name is wrong on the card. Adam tells Claire he is coming back as they take him away for surgery.

Willa is at confession. She says she told a lie to fix a lie. Then Willa and Danny are out drinking at a bar. Danny is advising her to hide her emotions, presumably with alcohol.

After the surgery, the doctor is going over the results with Claire saying they got the blockage. He is showing her x-rays. He says his appendix is right there. Claire says “No, my son had his appendix out.” The doctor says maybe she has her kids mixed up. She had three. The doctor says he didn’t put it back in. I can’t believe the doctor said those things. Very unprofessional.

This realization that Adam is not Adam must rock Claire’s world. She is in the bathroom having a mini meltdown. They roll Adam back into the room. Claire walks over to him slowly. She calls out Adam and he doesn’t wake up. Then she calls Ben and he opens his eyes. He says “Hi Mom.” OMG! He responds to Ben but not Adam. Remember those flowers?

It is ten years ago and Claire is tearing Adam’s room apart. She says she can’t find Adam’s monkey. She says he will need it when he gets back.

Present day and Claire has destroyed Adam’s room again. She finds a picture of Adam from ten years ago.

Hank is at the doctor. He gets a shot. He says he would rather be a eunuch than a monster. He was in a study in the prison. So, he is willingly medically castrating himself? What else has he done that we don’t know about that he is willing to go so far to stop himself from presumably doing bad things?

Officer Meyer is talking to her partner and says their friend Doug has a dog. Then she says she recognizes someone on the mall security footage. She calls her Jane and says she works at the old refinery bunkers. Jane is Doug’s wife.

Willa is sitting on Bridey’s steps and asks her if she has told anyone about the paternity test and if she will. Bridey says she hasn’t decided yet. Bridey asks her why she is there. They go up to Bridey’s apartment and kiss. Bridey undresses her. Willa says she doesn’t know how to do this.

At the hospital, the nurse brings Adam back the flowers and says they must be his as there is no other Ben on the floor. Adam takes the card and crushes it in his hand.

Willa arrives home. Claire asks Willa “Who is he?” Willa says “I don’t know what you mean.” Claire asks Willa if his name is Ben. Willa cries. Then she says she is so sorry mom. Claire asks her “What did you do?” That’s what we all want to know.

Flashback to ten years ago. Doug is carrying an unconscious Adam down to the dungeon in the woods that the police found. Adam’s voice over says he was a monster. There is another little boy there and he asks “Who’s that?” Doug says “A friend.” I’m assuming the other little boy is Ben. Adam’s voice says “Lucky for me. I had a friend. I was never alone.”

This episode was mind blowing. So much new information. People finding out things. So now Claire knows Adam isn’t Adam. Willa and Bridey know it isn’t Adam and all of us know it isn’t Adam. How soon will the others find out Adam isn’t Adam? How did Willa find Ben? Oh so many questions. I’ll definitely keep watching.

What do you think of the episode? What are your theories and questions?