The Walking Dead: (S06E16) “Last Day on Earth”

Let’s begin by saying that this was not what anyone of us expected. It can be good or bad expectations but this truly isn’t what anyone of us thought would happen.

Like any other fan the hype was too much really excited to know who is Negan going to kill!

The Walking Dead has a way of wanting to make the last 10-20 minutes the best ones and they make sure that happens. They do nail it as well. 

Carol’s story wasn’t a very interesting one as she still on her YOLO life trying to get killed is being constantly saved. But what actually is surprising is that there is another clan now who rides on horses. 

This is a set up for a joint friendship or alliance in the future. Rick, Jesus and this one most likely against Negan as in the comics.

Throughout the episode the biggest lesson we learn is to never drop from our Geography class. In the future if we ever do have an apocalypse there will be no GPS.

It also showed that the Saviours are strategically superior to any other groups we have seen. Blocking every road and yet being able to round up on the group in the middle of the woods in the dark.

But what I would like to see is a Hunger Games whistle which would be awesome and hilarious! Just think about it.

Getting down to business, the whole Negan introduction was greatly written. The actor himself seriously fits the character but the whole part of not wanting to show who dies messed up the whole finale.

After the whole trending on Twitter and so much talk here and there of a main character dying it’s seems though as if only the cameraman got hit. And if you call Eugene a very main character then that is just leading us to the wrong direction. Don’t get me wrong I would love to see the original members stay alive and if it cost is  Eugene so be it. 

The best part was Negan. His character really gives this mean vibe and it really makes it realistic.  The last 10 minutes made it good and the whole Lucile pointing at someone gave the chills otherwise it didn’t really have a big impact.

The whole episode was really stale and it just lacked the sparks and the real buzz we have been seeing for the past few years. The same can be said true for the whole season. 

Hopefully they change their way of writing for the next season and start by the killer episode of who dies. 

Great disappointment in my opinion and I would love to see them redeem themselves in the next season. But I am just the new Negan fan! He is awesome.