Wynonna Earp: (S01E01) ‘Purgatory’


Wynonna Earp stars Melanie Scrofano, Dominique Provost-Chalkley, Tim Rozon, and Shamier Anderson. Head of this whole kit and caboodle is Emily Andras (some of you may remember her as showrunner for the third and fourth seasons of Lost Girl). Adapted from the Beau Smith/Joyce Chin comic, it tells the story of Wyatt Earp’s descendant Wynonna, and the curse that has haunted her family in the town of Purgatory. Revenants gunned down by her great-grandfather Wyatt have risen from the grave, and Wynonna will have to take up the family’s Peacemaker pistol, and kick some demon ass!

Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything” – Wyatt Earp. Would he be rolling over in his grave if he knew his name would be on a network responsible for Sharknado? Okay, let’s be fair, it’s also the network that’s brought me some of my own personal favorites, such as 12 Monkeys, campy zombie horror show Z Nation, and my all time favorite Killjoys (which Andres also worked on).

Wynonna Earp is an interesting dichotomy of humor, sadness, vulnerability, bravery, strength, weakness, damaged goods… The list goes on and on. While I found Melanie
Scrofano easily settling into her role as Wynonna and Tim Rozon as Doc Holiday, I cannot say the same for the others. There were moments where I wondered if Agent Dolls was even in the same room/stage with the other actors while he was speaking to them (or was supposed to be). I’m hoping each actor fits better in their roles as the series plays out before SyFy gives it the chop. Although it was pretty predictable, I did find myself enjoying the sisters relationship the more I watched the episode (current count 3 so far).

The showrunner is hinting at some “gay” aspects to come, and I’m really hoping this is not more queer-bating. I checked out the cast list, and the women hired for the roles are listed for 3 and 2 episodes of the scheduled 13. But I remain hopeful, if weary and I do pray they’re wearing their bullet-proof vests.

As of this writing, IMDb gave this science-fiction western a 5.4 star rating.
Catch it on Fridays 10/9c