Castle: (S08E16) “Heartbreaker”


Castle opens with two guys who work with armored trucks. Someone comes in and steals a bag of what turns out to be gold coins. One of the guards is killed by the robber.

Castle and Beckett are having a romantic meal. Beckett’s phone rings and she smiles and says we have a homicide. Castle is excited about them working together again. So am I. Beckett says she has to go to the office for a meeting but that Castle can go to the scene with the boys. Castle is at the scene with Ryan, Esposito, and Laney. Laney says she is so happy he and Beckett are back together. Castle discovers mysterious goo that was used to disable the alarms. One of the armored truck employees was killed with one gunshot wound. Esposito and Ryan say they saw this MO from a crime scene about ten years ago. The only name they have from the criminals from ten years ago is still in prison. Beckett says after nine years in prison she may be ready to talk. Beckett goes to visit her and she says she wasn’t a snitch nine years ago she isn’t going to be a snitch now. The prisoner is named Sonia Ruiz. She says one of her partners is dead. The other partner goes by the name of Hammerhead and he can be found at a bar named El Toro and they only speak Spanish and they don’t speak to cops. Sonia says she has to go with them. 

Esposito drops the bombshell to the others that he was engaged to Sonia. They asked how he couldn’t tell she was a criminal. He says he finally figured it out and arrested her. Esposito says his feelings for her died when he slapped the cuffs on her. Then Sonia walks in looking gorgeous in a mini halter dress. His mouth is hanging open and Castle closes it for him. LOL!

Castle says she is gorgeous. Esposito says she is wearing the same outfit he arrested her in. It was a Friday night and there was salsa dancing. Castle says there is no shame in still having feelings for her. Beckett wants to send Ryan with Sonia but she says that won’t work. She needs someone who blends in so they send Esposito with Sonia. Esposito tries to lay down the law and says she does whatever he says when he says it. Castle wants to say something and Ryan slaps his hand over Castle’s mouth. Once Ryan removes it Castle grins and says “This is going to be so much fun.” It is nice to get back to having humor in this episode.

So Esposito and Sonia are in one car and Ryan and Castle are in the car behind. Castle says they can listen in on Esposito and Sonia through their cell phones through Sonia’s ankle monitor. They get to El Toro. They start asking the bartender about the suspect David Sanchez (I am not sure where they got David’s name. Maybe Sonia spilled it and I missed it. I think David Sanchez is the dead partner) and his partner. Esposito starts playing five fingered filet with the bartender and he says the guy’s name is Joey and he hasn’t seen him in over a year and tells them where Joey lives with his grandma.

Ryan and Castle are in the car while Sonia and Esposito are in the apartment. Joey comes out of one of the rooms with a gun and says he will kill them. Sonia runs. Joey asks why they are breaking into his grandma’s house. Sonia is running and Esposito takes off after her on foot. Ryan and Castle chase her in the car. They catch up with her. She says she was running to find a phone and call 911. Sure, Sonia. Wink Wink.

Joey, the guy in the apartment, is the one who used to work with Sonia and was nicknamed Hammerhead. While they interview him he says the gun is registered and he was defending his property. Beckett shows Hammerhead/Joey a picture of the dead guard from last night. Joey says he was in New Jersey last night at his restaurant. Beckett asks Joey how many other people know about the goo used to disable the alarms. He says he doesn’t know how many people his dead partner told. I am assuming the dead partner is David Sanchez.

Ryan learns that the dead guard from last night might have been in on it. The alarm was off and it was the dead guard’s code that disarmed the alarm. The guard’s last name is Kirby. They bring in Mrs. Kirby. Ryan tells her about all of these deposits made into their account. Mrs. Kirby says her husband borrowed money from some bad people and then someone came by recently and said they could help him.

Javier is assigned to drive Sonia back to prison. She talks about wanting a decent place to sleep and a decent meal. They stop at Javier’s mom’s house. He says it is family dinner night. He tells Sonia he told his family that he screwed up and that she dumped him instead of telling them she went to prison. She gives him a light kiss on the lips. His mom recognizes Sonia. His family tells him not to let this one get away twice. They have a good meal. After the meal Sonia and Javier are sitting alone at the table and she says she regrets her bad choices. They could have had a family by now. She asks for a hot shower. Javier says ten minutes. Sonia says you can join me if you want. Javier says he doesn’t think that would be a good idea. Sonia says she will leave the door unlocked in case he changes his mind. Javier’s phone rings. Ryan tells Javier their dead body was the inside man and he used a burner cell to talk to the person in charge of the operation and that it was Sonia. Javier bursts into the bathroom and her ankle security bracelet is lying on the floor. The shower is running. The window is open. Sonia is gone.

Now at Esposito’s mom’s house Esposito doesn’t believe he let her play him like that. Ryan is chowing down on his mom’s food. Ryan says Sonia planned the whole thing with the armed guard knowing that Esposito would come for her and get her out so she could escape. They say it doesn’t make sense though as she would get out in three months.

Joey says he got a phone call from a guy who was in trouble and knew where they could get some money. Joey says one of Sonia’s old boyfriends was involved. Esposito says he doesn’t know any of Sonia’s old boyfriends.

Beckett is at home with Alexis and Martha. Martha is so happy Beckett is back. It was a short but heartwarming scene to see these three women bond.

Esposito is working the phones and finds out that Sonia only had one visitor in the last year. It was her father Alberto Pena. Esposito gets Alberto’s address and the next thing you know Esposito is in his car. Ryan calls him and Javier says he doesn’t want to involve Ryan. He messed up and doesn’t want to involve anyone else. Esposito arrives at Sonia’s dad’s house and he is dying. Esposito knew Sonia would be there and she was. Esposito tells Sonia that she didn’t break out because her father was dying. She broke out because her father was the great white and had her share of the gold and she didn’t know where it was. She had to talk to her father and find the gold before he died. Joey jumps out and knocks Esposito to the ground. Esposito is bleeding. Ryan gets there too late. No one is in the apartment except Sonia’s sick father lying in bed unconscious. I am not sure how Ryan got Alberto’s address. Did Esposito leave the screen up on his computer?

Now Beckett and Castle are at Alberto’s apartment. Beckett is mad they didn’t involve her. Castle finds a gold coin on the floor. Beckett comes to the same conclusion that Esposito did, that Sonia’s father Alberto was holding her share of the gold. Now they have taken Esposito as insurance while they try to find the gold.

Esposito wakes up in a moving car with Sonia. She says she couldn’t take it that Joey was outside free spending their millions while she was in a jail cell. Once the van stops, the driver tells Esposito he will be killed when they get what they are looking for. He points a gun at Javier’s head. Sonia points a gun at the driver. The driver asks why she would want to save him because he put her away. Sonia says because she loves him. Javier kills the driver. Javier says it is over. She is going back to prison. She says she can’t go back. Javier says all those years ago he cleared out all his money out of his banks, got his passport, and was ready to run away with her but he couldn’t do it. He always wanted to be a cop. His desire to be a cop won out over running away with her. He tells her things can never be the same. Ryan comes in and Javier cuffs Sonia again.

The next morning Esposito is in Beckett’s office saying he is sorry. Beckett says she is Captain now and has to suspend him for a week with no pay.

At the office Esposito tells Sonia they worked out a deal where she will only need to serve another two years. Sonia asks if he will visit this time and Javier says yes. Ryan and Esposito walk out together arm in arm. Ryan says he has the day off too as he just called in sick. It is good to see Ryan supporting Esposito in this scene and throughout the whole episode.

Viewers can look forward to another new episode next week.

What did you think of this episode? It was fun to get a glimpse into Javier’s past. I liked seeing Ryan backing up Esposito. I was thrilled to see Beckett back home with Castle permanently now. The scene where Martha and Alexis welcome Beckett home was heartwarming. This seems more like the good old days of Castle with real police work and real team work.