Damien episode 5 Seven Curses

Tonight Damien was pretty freakly but also pretty good in terms of developing  Damien characters further.

The  majority of this episode dealt with Damien in the hospital talking to this guy who was a injure war  veteran that lost his legs. Damien character offerd to document what he going through by taken picture of him on a daily basis. Damien photograph him during a swinging  lessons were war veteran nearly drowns because the person holding him slip.

After the war veteran get put back in his bed he tells Damien that he feels like ending his life. Damien character dose not want this because he believe he could get better with time.

The most freaky thing that happens in this episode is when Damien character is looking for this person because he is worried he might have taken his own life while he looking for him he see just about every freaky thing you can think of which was crazy.

The other thing that happen this episode is Simone character is starting to believe that Damien might be connected to her sister death somehow.

by the end of this episode Damien agrees to help war veteran end his life because he can see he suffering and gives him the way to do so.

Damien character even trys to end his own life by shooting himself off with some drugs using a syringe but is save by the  guardian hell hounds that drag him out of the car that he tried to kill himself in.

While some may not like this episode I really did because this episode showed Damien human side plus it was good we got a Damien character driven episode like this.

Over all I really enjoyed this week Damien the show is making Damien character into a interesting person and the depth there going to with Damien is good .