The Magicians: (S01E12) ‘Thirty-Nine Graves’

The emotions pill did some damage last time with Quentin having some extra fun with Margo & Elliot and Alice walked in.

In this episode Penny unaware of the situation ends up being in the midst of all the tension. And he pulls this awesome question.

 img 5036 1 - The Magicians: (S01E12) 'Thirty-Nine Graves' 
Refusing to tell him what exactly happens, he gets annoyed and is later asked to leave by Quentin.

While the three are having their talk, Penny goes by Alice and decides to cheer her up and it goes a bit extreme as Quentin hears them when he goes close to Alice’s room. In her defence she said they had broken up. 

Back to going to Fillary, they crew all arrives and are attacked by the same group as Penny in his previous visit. This time however the victim was Quentin who ends up sinking in the fountain and back to Earth. 

Penny leads them to the library where the same woman comes in and gives them some rules to follow. None other than Elliot got them kicked out as he still can’t handle himself.

Margo is the eventual hero who sneaked in a gun. Smart woman! Saving Elliot from one of the dudes who wanted to use magic on him.

Since Quentin went back to Earth he wanted a way in and he did his best to get answers poisoning the Dean with truth pills. Giving up he goes back to his old friend Julia. 

Going through memory lane they go back to the university and Julia this time however doesn’t feel bad but proud of herself. 

Tracing back history they eventually reach to the time of the Second World War and they follow Jane into the phone booth and they went to Fillary.

We finally saw how both stories joined up and it’s exciting. Apparently it’s going to be Julia and Quentin as the end game since Alice wants nothing to do with Quentin anymore and once she sees him with Julia things will get worse. 

Great episode after some boring ones. And again they can’t stop doing it in the show. It’s really unnecessary.