Blindspot: (S1E16) “Any Wounded Thief”


This week’s Blindspot episode, titled “Any Wounded Thief”, opened with an armoured vehicle being hijacked and we can assume this robbery will tie in with one of Jane’s tattoos. Elsewhere, Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) arrives home to his empty apartment; Sarah (Jordana Spiro) and Sawyer’s things are packed into boxes waiting by the door with a note. She is moving out, and living with a friend. Obviously, after last week’s rejection by Reade (Rob Brown) was too much for Sarah and this new development can only mean more tension between Weller and his teammate. At headquarters, Patterson (Ashley Johnson) has received a call confirming a dinner reservation for that night; she didn’t make any reservation but upon enquiring discovers the reservation was under David’s (Joe Dinicol) name. Talk about shocking. Elsewhere in the building, Weller confronts Reade (during a boxing session) about Sarah’s whereabouts and what happened; coming clean about the break up Weller lands some decent body blows to his partner just to let him know how he feels about that. Reade can’t seem to win these days, either way he always ends up disappointing everyone.

As news of the robbery spreads, Weller greets Jane (Jaimie Alexander) with a “Happy Birthday” – a date that she has no idea about – and a birthday present. It is a gold necklace with a green jewel in the middle. As they share a quiet moment, Allie (Trieste Kelly Dunn) interrupts (non-intentionally) to give her man his breakfast and coffee. The previous romantic history shared between Kurt and Allie is obvious, and the rekindling of said relationship seems to be a positive influence for Kurt. Not to mention they are totally adorable together. As the team assembles, Patterson, in an extreme occurrence struggles to get through her case brief evidently shaken from the news of the dinner reservation. She rallies, with a little encouragement from Mayfair, to identify that the logo of the truck that was attacked matches a tattoo on Jane’s body.

The team moves through the steps to apprehend the suspects in the robbery and discover that it goes deeper than the normal armed robbery. The contents that were stolen include chemical weapons from a military base in the area. As more evidence is uncovered, we learn that the General of the Military base was one of individuals behind the entire plan and that instead of disposing of the chemicals including sarin gas, he brokered a deal to have them sent to South Korea. When the team intercepts the General at his undercover storage cell, we learn that Vanessa Chang – the president of a company involved with such chemicals – was the one behind the deal. But not all is well, especially when Weller and co. track down the shipping yard where the chemicals are being transported. A shoot out ensues, with none other than Vanessa Chang firing a bullet into a gas of sarin gas. Such a chemical melts your organs from the inside, and acts within minutes. And although Patterson had armed everyone with antidotes, when Jane’s doesn’t work Weller sacrifices his own for her. Running against the clock, Jane must shoot Vanessa to use her antidote to save Weller. Talk about a heart stopping couple of minutes.

With Vanessa in custody, Weller and Jane question her and demand answers; since apprehending her the team have found out that there are still 4 tanks for sarin gas missing. When Vanessa finally gives it up, we learn that she had defected to North Korea and that she has no idea where the other tanks are. With nowhere to go, the team are stuck. However, while Jane and Weller had been questioning Vanessa, Reade and Zapata (Audrey Esparza) discovered vacuum cleaner backpacks with room to hold canisters of the gas. Patterson also uncovered a list of events that could be targeted by such attacks narrowing the target to the stock exchange. When they arrive, they break into two groups, making sure to not draw attention to themselves. That point is void, when Jane spots the suspect, shoots a window out and jumps from the second floor to subdue him. The athleticism shown by Jane in this move is kick-ass – I wonder if Jaimie Alexander did that stunt? Either way, it took us back to the early episodes of physically strong and powerful Jane.

With the case successfully wrapped up, the team goes their own ways. Jane and Weller share a sweet moment in the locker room; the necklace he gave her belonged to her mother, and when she died he bought it. The chemistry and history these two characters have, makes their relationship somewhat complicated but at times so inevitable. Yet with Weller happily involved with Allie, and Jane spending more time with Oscar, the inevitability of said chemistry may fizzle out. To add to this possibility, Allie moves forward in her seriousness regarding her relationship with Weller while Oscar admits to Jane how hard it is for him to keep his distance, how hard it is not to touch her and not to tell her he loves her. What? This increasingly passionate admission leads to a kiss; Jane initially pushes away, taken off guard but after a moment reciprocates, as they (we assume) sleep together. Talk about love square? Are we team Weller and Allie? Or Weller and Jane? Or Oscar and Jane? I for one and super excited to see it all blow up – to see Jane’s secrecy, both ways, become public knowledge. Patterson arrives at the dinner David had booked months ago, taking the opportunity to celebrate his life and their love. In such a heartbreaking, yet beautiful scene Patterson quietly converses with a “dead” David – never has talking to a dead person been more moving. Ashley Johnson was the MVP of this episode, through her display of vulnerability and utter despair when dealing with the memories she still has of David, the audience feels it all with her. She pulls out the crossword as David challenges her to finish it before dessert is over; and in typical Patterson style she does. What she finds is a hidden message from David which prompts her to ask his spirit, “Did you solve another tattoo?”

Other key notes:

  • Patterson wants to look at all the individuals connected to the tattoos to find out WHO did this to Jane.
  • Jane was at Taylor Shaw’s memorial – talk about FLASHBACK!
  • Zapata is going back down the gambling rabbit hole
  • Reade continues to deny any information about Jane and his feelings for Sarah.
  • Oscar wants Jane to get closer to Weller – the plan didn’t anticipate him getting back with Allie. What the?
  • And again, are Oscar and Kade working together?