Brooklyn Nine-Nine (S03E21): “Maximum Security”

Review: Previously on B99, Adrian Pimento asked Rosa to marry him… and then promptly faked his death! Jimmy “the Butcher” Figgis put a hit out on Pimento and, because he has a man inside the FBI, Pimento had to go off the grid. Vowing to get to the bottom of this, the Nine-Nine is now on a secret mission to find the mole. 

This week, they have a new lead: Jimmy’s sister Maura is serving time in a maximum security prison in Texas and has knowledge of Figgis’s operation. Everyone’s first choice to infiltrate the prison to get close to her, is Rosa, being a natural badass and all. But when Rosa’s cover gets blown the second she steps foot in the prison, that leaves them with Amy, the less obvious badass. But really this is just an excuse for them to stop hiding Melissa Fumero’s belly behind binders and large bags and other creative props, as Amy will infiltrate the prison as a pregnant inmate with Jake and Charles as her doctors. 

At the prison, Jake and Charles monitor Amy and Jake keeps worrying that Amy won’t be able to handle maximum security prison life. Every time Amy so much as looks in Maura’s direction, he schedules another “check up” to take her out of the situation. Even though Amy is more than fine playing a badass inmate. Unsurprisingly, the one who can’t handle maximum security prison life is Jake, as he’s far more caught up in the role of Amy’s boyfriend than her handler. This might just be my favorite Jake/Amy episode of the season and one of the only episodes that really made them shine as a couple. And I think Charles agrees, because as always he’s just a little too invested in this “ship”. But, in the end, Jake takes himself out of the equation, with Amy publicly beating him up for “harassing” her with those constant check ups, which ends up being her “in” with Maura. 

Back at the precinct, Holt convinces Terry and Gina that they need to throw a funeral for Pimento so they can draw out Figgis’s man in the FBI. First, though, they need to “quote, unquote” open an investigation, find a corpse for the case file and obtain a death certificate. The corpse? Hitchcock with a wig on! And the death certificate? Notarized by resident badass, Amy Santiago (with a little help from Gina). 

Meanwhile, Terry asks Rosa to act as Pimento’s grieving fiancee at the fake funeral. Rosa, who’s convinced Pimento will be back so they can have sex on Figgis’s grave, isn’t all that sad, however. But she promises to help them out. 

At Pimento’s funeral, the cops high five all the guests to get a good look at their hands, as they know Figgis’s guy in the FBI had a huge scar on his right palm. During the service, the cops catch wind of one of the guests, who hasn’t taken off his gloves. They all corner him, thinking he’s Figgis’s guy, but he ends up just being a pickpocket. 

Finally, Rosa gives a speech during the service, and she ends up being better at playing the grieving fiancee than even she expected. Guess she was a little sad, after all. Terry and Holt try to help her get by… by throwing things off the roof! Sounds like a great plan!