Chicago Med (S1E13): “Us”


Chicago Med never fails to pull at your heart strings, both figuratively and literally in their patients. In “Us” we experienced two forms of triumph, in the medical procedures and doctors lives.

Triumph comes from struggle, and we see this all through out the episode. Emergency surgeries, rare diseases, love triangles, and family matters are all among the triumphs we saw last night. 

Dr. Reese is matched into Chicago Med Pathology, and while she is excited, her sadness about leaving the nurses behind is stronger. But the family ties she has created with the nurses and doctors of the Chicago Med ER will not be broken by her disappearance. To portray this, Reese is included in the Chicago Med family at baby Mannings baptism held in the hospital church. This was another form of triumph. 

Natalie makes the difficult decision to baptism her child, to please her mother-in-law, but she does it her way. Instead of having the ceremony held in the church Halstead had arranged for her, Natalie surrounds herself with her own “tribe.” 

cfuimhuukaelnpv jpg large - Chicago Med (S1E13): "Us"

It is a moving end and a great way to bring the Chicago Med cast together. In the words of actress Marlyne Barrett, “We have death and then new life. Beautiful ending to the episode.”