Criminal Movie Review


I was fortunate enough to be able to go see a sneak preview of the movie “Criminal” last night for free. It doesn’t open in theaters until April 15. I am not sure what I thought of the movie. It wasn’t one I would have chosen to go to on my own but I couldn’t resist the free tickets.


The main players in the movie are Kevin Costner who plays Jericho Stewart, a prison inmate with a childhood frontal lobe injury that makes him do bad things and feel no remorse. Ryan Reynolds plays a CIA agent named Bill Pope. Bill’s wife Jill is played by Gal Gadot. Lara Decaro plays Jill and Bill’s adorable daughter Emma. Gary Oldman plays the head of the CIA Quaker Wells. Tommy Lee Jones plays Dr. Franks, the one who implants the deceased CIA agent Bill Pope’s memories into Jericho. Michael Pitt plays Jan Stroop also known as The Dutchman. He created a computer program that can hack the U.S. military and control all of America’s weapons. Jordi Molla plays Hagbardaka Heimbahl. Criminal is directed by Ariel Roman and written by Douglas Cook and David Weisberg.


Present day.


The action takes place primarily in London.

What – The Story

The movie starts with CIA agent Bill Pope getting a bag full of money and hiding it. I think he was going to use the money to buy the program from The Dutchman to stop him from taking over the all of the weapons of the various U.S. Military branches. Unfortunately, the bad guys stop Bill and kill before he can get in touch with The Dutchman. Hagbardaka Heimbahl is even crazier than The Dutchman. He wants to take down all of the governments of the world. He goes on TV admitting this. The Dutchman is going to sell his computer program to Heimbahl to assist Heimbahl in his plot.

Once the CIA discovers Bill Pope is dead, they contact Dr. Franks who has tested a controversial procedure in animals. He can implant the memories from one animal into another animal. It has never been done in a human before. The head of the CIA, Quaker Wells, contacts Dr. Franks and wants him to mine the memories of Bill Pope and place them into Jericho. Dr. Franks chose Jericho as the prime candidate because of his frontal lobe damage. There is little activity there and it makes him more susceptible to receiving the data from Bill Pope.

They get Jericho out of prison and Dr. Franks performs the operation. Little by little Bill’s memories come to Jericho. So do Bill’s emotions. Jericho says he has never experienced emotion before due to his brain injury. The emotions change Jericho from a killer who feels nothing into a man who develops real feelings for Bill’s wife and daughter.

I want to stop here on telling you the story so that I do not spoil the movie for you.


Why does the CIA want Bill Pope’s memories preserved? Presumably so that when Jericho receives the memories, he can find the money and stop both The Dutchman and Heimbahl from their evil plots.

One why question I have is why don’t the people of London notice Jericho running around London with a bleeding wound on the back of his head from where they implanted Bill’s memories?

Why should you see the film? It is action packed. It makes you wonder about the motives of each character. It is interesting to see the changes in Jericho as he becomes more and more like Bill.  Bill’s daughter Emma is adorable and plays a large role in helping Jericho become more human. Bill’s wife Jill plays her role brilliantly with lots of emotion.


How can you find out more information about the film? Check out their IMDB page. Their Twitter account is @Criminal_Movie and includes interviews, clips, and behind the scenes information.


The film is rated R for some graphic violence and the brain surgery scene. I give the film a seven out of ten. I would say go see it if you aren’t all that concerned about plausibility and logic in a film. Also, if you are a Kevin Costner fan, this is a must see.