Last Man On Earth (S02E13) “Fish In The Dish”

Review: Phil and Carol have been trying to get pregnant for a while now, but with no results. Therefore Carol proposes that Phil takes a fertility test to see if he may be the problem of why they don’t get pregnant. Trying to make everything as comfortable as possible for him, Carol creates a Masturbatorium. Phil’s test shows that he is sterile, but he can’t believe it and keeps trying, especially when he sees that the tests are expired. But when they do work for Todd, Phil has to face the fact that he really is sterile. However, Phil is still Phil and because he doesn’t want to tell Carol the truth, he shows her Todd’s test and tells her that it’s his. This makes Carol feel bad because if Phil isn’t the problem, then she must be.

Todd is still in a situation that he can’t get out of. He is been sleeping with both Gail and Melissa, but tries repeatedly throughout the episode to tell one of them what he has been doing. But he just can’t tell them the truth because he doesn’t want to hurt either one. Then later, when Erica asks him if he could raise her baby with her, as Phil #2’s last wish, Todd kisses her too and makes things even more complicated. He has a total breakdown, screaming on the beach and riding a jet ski.

The ladies go to the beach and Phil has finally found the courage to tell Carol he’s sterile, but at that exact moment Todd wants to come clean with Gail, Melissa and Erica (and tell them that he wouldn’t mind to keep doing what he’s doing with all three of them). They both eventually tell the truth but before any of the ladies can really get mad, Carol sees something: it’s Mike, Phil’s brother, on the beach on his way to meet them.

So we’ve already established that the whole cast is fantastic, but every week Mel Rodriguez brings something to his character that is just so great. The weirdness of Todd makes me laugh, and the fact that he is in this situation with Gail and Melissa is really funny. I loved his meltdown on the jet ski, and it was great scene in combination with Phil’s desperation to get a positive fertility test. Another thing I find really good about this show is that it surprises every week. A lot of other sitcoms wouldn’t have introduced Mike to the group yet, but would’ve waited till the end of the season. I like it that Last Man On Earth is always going in a different direction, it makes the show very interesting to watch!

Rating: 9.5/10

In case you missed it: Last Man On Earth has been renewed for a 3rd season! 🙂