Shadowhunters (S01E13): “Morning Star”




So with the new look and name, Freeform (formerly know as  ABC Family) has successfully adapted a series before as we can see with Pretty Little Liars. The reception and reaction of that series has been great and consistent as always. Will they have another on there hand with Shadowhunters, thats tough to say, although things must be going in the right direction if they were renewed for a season 2.

Last nights episode was the season finale of the first season, and we pick up right where we left of from Malec’s episode. While tonights episode definitely wasn’t the best of this season, it sure did have some great moments in there. As we know Lydia was attacked in last weeks episode, and if you’ve seen the movie adaption or read the books you’ll know it was Hodge, whom Jace, Clary, Alec and Izzy soon discover stole the Mortal Cup.

With the aftermath of that, the shadow hunter team go two ways into tonights episode, Jace and Alec go after Hodge, meanwhile Clary, Izzy and Simon seek help from Raphael who’s been keeping Camille alive. Searching for answers and the book of white, which contains the spell to wake her mother, Clary stops at nothing. It was such a change to see a darker side to both Clary and even more so Jace in tonights episode.

Highlight moments of these sides of them had to be when Jace finds Hodge and confronts him for betraying them. I’ve got to give it up to Dominic Sherwood, who actually delivered a solid and great performance of the darker side of Jace. We really could see the confliction that he was dealing with internally trying to figure out who he is. Whereas for Clary we so it in her persistence to get what she wanted out of Camille, and she wasn’t afraid to do anything to get it.

Turns out Raphael wasn’t as eager to help them out as they hoped he would be, and with Clary willing to do whatever it takes to get her mum out of a coma, a betrayal between the vampires and shadow hunters comes between the understanding that they had once made. Being the great friend that Simon is, he pardons Camille for killing him in order for her to get them to the book of white. Meanwhile, in order to do so, they enlist Magnus help, and in the earlier episodes, we found out that Camille and he had a relationship, lets just say that them reuniting wasn’t what Alec expected either. Which makes him contemplate his decisions, not only that but the fact that his parents aren’t happy with what he did either, and knowing Alec that’s going to affect him. Even though Camille goes back on her deal and gets away, its the friendship that Simon and Clary have with each other that helps them find the book of white. 

Yet again, tonight doesn’t go the way they plan either, since Valentine turns up, and Jace still unaware of who he is, struggling to figure it out, sacrifices himself in order to keep his friends safe. But with that sacrifice they are able to wake Jocelyn and that reunion, not only with her and Luke but with Clary, was perfect. 

Tonights episode definitely left us with a lot of unanswered questions, but at least one of them wont be worrying about whether or not we’ll get a season two. Even though this wasn’t my favourite and nor the best episode. It still shows how they deliver solid and consistent episodes. Were still getting to learn more and more about each character which is great, and hopefully season two will only get better from here. Theres definitely potential to deliver more. So it will be interesting to see what the next season has in store for us.