The Big Bang Theory (S09E19) “The Solder Excursion Diversion”

Review: Sheldon’s laptop is on its last legs. The sound and picture aren’t working well and some keys on the keyboard are broken too. When the laptop finally dies, Amy buys Sheldon a new one and wants him to get rid of the broken one. However he’s not ready to give the old one up. When Amy asks him what the problem is, Sheldon brings her to his storage unit where he keeps all of the stuff that he has ever owned. Where Sheldon is disappointed in himself that he just can’t throw anything out, Amy supports him in a very sweet way.

While Penny and Bernadette help Leonard and Howard with their project, the guys go out to buy more solder. But on their way to the hardware store they get the chance to screen a new Will Smith movie, so they lie to their wives and tell them that they got a flat tire and won’t be back at the university’s lab for a while. Howard texts Raj, who just arrived at the university that they are seeing the movie. Raj tells Bernadette and Penny and the three of them try to come up with a way to bust Howard and Leonard. But when the guys finally get back to the university, they apologize for lying before Raj can bust them.

The storyline between Amy and Sheldon was very cute, I like how their relationship has developed in this season, now even to the point that Sheldon trusts Amy enough to tell her something very personal. The other storyline wasn’t great, but wasn’t that bad either. I thought it was kind of unexpected that Howard and Leonard finally did tell the truth. However, while Raj’s lines did make me laugh, the problems I had with Stuart in the beginning of this season, I now seem to have with Raj. The last couple of weeks made it clear that his character doesn’t really go anywhere, and the storylines that the writers come up with for him are getting old.

Rating: 7.5/10