Arrow: (S04 E18)”Eleven-Fifty-Nine”

Review: This was a rough episode for Arrow! We’ve waited for nearly an entire season to find out who is going to be the major death. Now we know.

I think this was one of the episodes I enjoyed more than others. It included tons of action! We’ve got girl power on the side of Thea and Laurel, it was Dig and Andy against the world and Malcolm is still trying to satisfy Damien’s wishes which enquired him to fight as well.

Sadly, Andy is once again a traitor. When Dig’s brother first got introduced to us, I was slightly dissapointed he turned out to be a “villain”. Dig always spoke so higly of him and I wanted Andy to be a good guy. However … The actor is such a good bad guy! I love his face mimics, the acting he does … It’s amazing. It started a fight between Dig and Oliver, our favorite best friends and it eventually broke Dig’s heart, but it was worth it.

The flashbacks flew by a bit quicker than they did in the last episode. Thanfully, the scene with Reiter was a short one, because I still can’t deal with him. Based on the promise that Oliver and Taiana gave to each other, I suspect Taiana will be the next flasback dead body.

As I’ve mentioned, Malcolm is Damien’s little slave. Quite frankly, I was hoping Thea would kill him in the fight scene, but I was left with nothing.

On the other side of the table – in prison, to be exact – Damien Darhk is STILL annoying and boring. I guess the writers were trying to give us something new and that’s why they’ve included so much more magic than we are used to, but this is just horrible. Damien is throwing threats he can fulfill only with his magic. Without it, he is nothing. He is a plain zero. 

It’s a good thing Malcolm and Andy secured him with his magical object then. How else can they finish this season? Listen, I know that Damien is supposed to be super powerful and Team Arrow can’t defeat him with simply throwing him in a prison cell, but this is getting out of control.

With his magic, Damien got the chance to avenge Lance’s testimony. And by that, we get the major death.

Laurel Lance. The writers really did their best to say goodbye to Laurel throughout the episode. They even tried to satisfy the comic lovers by having Laurel said that Oliver will always be the love of her life. 

11:59 is the time of Black Canary’s death. 

I would have been happier with Thea’s death, but I won’t say I am angry with Laurel dying. I didn’t like her character. I have nothing against the actress herself, I just think the writers are doing injustice to all of the girl’s characters in this show by making them annoying. My love for Felicity is dropping as well. I think Curtis will be a better Felicity in the next episodes/season.

Laurel never had a proper storyline and that’s the reason I would give her another chance. I personally think Thea’s death would be a better storyline, but I am sure the writers knew what they were doing.

To wrap this up … It wasn’t meant to be and goodbye Laurel Lance!