Black-ish (S02E19): The Leftovers

Review: It’s family movie night! The movie? The Lion King, Dre’s favorite classic! But a discussion the movie leads to two revelations: Jack has been lied to his entire life, and Dre and Bow have no idea what to do about the kids if they just so happen to follow Mufasa into an early grave! 

When Dre and Bow discuss who they want to leave the kids with in the event of their deaths, they quickly realize this is just another thing they can’t agree on. Dre doesn’t want to leave the kids with Bow’s family because he doesn’t want the kids to be “raised on a bus powered by human poo”. Dre thinks the obvious choice is his own mom. Bow naturally disagrees, because, well… It’s Ruby. And she doesn’t want to leave them with Pops either because they’d constantly be wondering where he is or if he’s even alive! At work, Dre’s co-workers aren’t of much help either, though mr. Stevens offers to take his “little black kids”. Bless him! Right on time for the “Diff’rent-ish Folks” opening credits inspired by Different Strokes! (x

Dre and Bow then decide to have a “mom-off”, where both their moms answer questions about how to raise the kids. This goes about as well as to be expected, seeing as Ruby is “basically Donald Trump in polyester sweats and kitten heels”. Haah! But, with the moms both out of the equation, Dre and Bow are left with no other option but to outlive the other. 

Meanwhile, for Jack, movie night has left him with unanswered questions about every part of life. If his parents lied to him about Mufasa’s death, what else could they be hiding from him? Junior takes the opportunity to burst Jack’s innocent bubble; their dog didn’t go to a farm and his artwork isn’t in grandma’s basement museum! And when he notices that Diane is enjoying it a little too much, he also bursts hers: her one favorite stuffed animal? Not just one. Dre and Bow have a whole drawer full of them! Junior’s enjoyment at being the one to deliver all these harsh truths, doesn’t sit well with the twins. So they turn it around on him, revealing that the yearly birthday call from the president isn’t actually from POTUS at all! Junior is heartbroken. 

Finally, when Bow finds Dre recording videos for the kids to watch after his death, she freaks out. And then he does too and it just becomes a giant mess, because the last thing they want is to think about having to leave the kids. Bow then comes around, telling Dre that Ruby should be the one taking care of the kids, because she practically lives with them and she adores the kids. But before Dre can agree with her, Zoey saves the day! The oldest Johnson kid convinces them that putting Ruby in charge is probably a horrible idea, because Ruby is “half teenager, half elderly person”. And while Bow and Dre have been arguing about who should be taking care of the family, Zoey has been doing just that, writing presidential letters, replacing stuffed animals and recreating a museum for Jack. This makes Bow and Dre realize that the best person to take care of the kids, is their own kid. That is, if they make sure to stay alive for at least 22 more months!