Fresh Off The Boat (S02E19) “Jessica Place”

Review: The ladies of the Home Owner’s Association are over at the Huang house to watch their favorite show Melrose Place. Honey is still not accepted in the HOA because the most powerful neighbor, Deirdre, still hasn’t forgiven her for stealing Marvin from her best friend. After the season finale, Jessica is depressed by how boring her own neighborhood is and buys an above ground pool. Evan however, points out that the pool is not approved by the HOA and that all the members need to vote if they will allow it or not. Deirdre votes against the pool and gets all the other ladies to vote against it as well. Jessica and Honey try to find something to hold against Deirdre so that they can get the other members of the HOA to be on their side, and when they find out that Deirdre’s hair is a wig, the ladies are all against Deirdre and in favor of the above ground pool. As it turns out though, the whole thing was set up by Honey and Evan to make Deirdre powerless. When Jessica finds out that she’s being played, instead of getting mad, she thanks Honey because she made the neighborhood just like Melrose Place: Jessica Place.

Meanwhile, we get to know a little bit more about Emery. He has a major meltdown in the pool after Eddie cheats during a breath holding contest, and when Louis and Emery both pretend like nothing has happened, Eddie wonders why. As it turns out, Emery used to have outbursts like this a lot when he was younger, but it hasn’t happened in a while. This has to do with Emery’s scream jars. He uses them to scream into whenever he feels like he’s going to get angry, but since he didn’t have one in the pool, he just let all his anger out.

I have never watched Melrose Place and yet this episode was very funny to me. I think Fresh Off The Boat does a great job making the show appealing to audiences of all ages. I also thought it was great to get some more backstory about Emery. So I really liked both storylines. Also, I really laughed at Courtney Thorne-Smith’s guest appearance. Even though I know she would be in the episode, it still made me laugh.

Rating: 9.5/10

So relatable…