The Boss Movie Review (2016)

What would you do if you made millions and millions of dollars? You would buy tons of stuff because you could right? Well thats irrelevant! What would you do in order to make millions of dollars? Thats the true question that you should be asking yourself in your life. Todays movie that I’m reviewing is The Boss!

In the film, we are introduced to 5-year old Michelle Darnell (Chandler Head) who was being brought back to the orphanage because she wasn’t the “perfect” fit that the couple was hoping for. 5 years later at age 10 Michelle (Vivian Falcone) was brought back again and again wasn’t the “perfect” fit the couple was looking for…wait for it…wait for it… 5 years later at age 15 Michelle (Isabelle Amara) wasn’t the “perfect” fit again, but at this point Michelle is just saying theres no such thing as a family and that its a made up word only to give people hope. Now as a adult Michelle Darnell (Melissa McCarthy) is now a wealthy industrial business woman who has written quite a few books on how to make money and how you don’t need a man or a woman to make it happen. After Michelle’s little worship gathering with her fans she is then taken to the back to discuss about important scheduling that her assistant Claire (Kristen Bell) is in charge of doing, with a lot of back talk coming from hilarious Tito (Cedric Yarbrough). Michelle is then taken to the heleport where she is met with a candy gram from her ex-lover/stalker business opponent Renaulto (Peter Dinklage) saying if Michelle doesn’t back down then she will be thrown to prison. And of course she didn’t, so next day Michelle is arrested by the FBI and Tito is running back to his job at Best Buy! After Michelle is released from prison and now has no where to go, her ex-assistant Claire (Kristen Bell) agrees to let her stay with her and her daughter Rachel (Ella Anderson) while Michelle is working on getting back on her feet with a job or business plan. While Claire is at her job one day she meets a hilarious but also weird guy named Mike (Tyler Labine) who asks Claire out but she rejects him…poor Mike! Its not until Michelle (McCarthy) takes Rachel to her dandelion scouts meeting when she gets the idea of creating her own scouts but with her own rules. So has Claire with her as a business partner they work on making and selling the secret ingredient brownies all around the neighborhood, competing against those evil Dandelions. Will Michelle get the money she needs and rise from below? I can’t tell you guys that, you gotta see the movie!

So heres what I thought about the movie, I found it to be really interesting and hilarious! Melissa McCarthy looked amazing; with the weight loss and her amazing acting all the time she was perfect for this role. I also liked the action sword fights, and the Dandelion vs Brownie scouts brawling out in the street fight. This movie is literally 10 out of 10 hilarious and is definitely highly recommended to see!

I give this film a A- with a 41/2 out of 5 stars for fantastic story, fantastic acting, and fantastic music choices!

The Boss is now out in theaters!