The Middle (S07E19) “Crushed”

Review: I never actually realized that we had never seen Cindy’s parents before, until I read what this episode would be about, and I was very interested to see how a meeting between them and the Hecks would go. So Mike, Frankie and Brick go out to dinner with Merv, LuEllen and Cindy after Frankie thinks that should be bonding with some parents from Brick’s class. The other parents are not interested so Brick proposes that they meet Cindy’s parents, Mike and Frankie aren’t really excited about that, but eventually agree. It turns out that Mike was right: “Cindy is weird, and they probably are too”. Merv finishes Mike’s sentences and LuEllen is just very werid, and on top of all that they ask Frankie and Mike if they can borrow $700 from them so that they won’t get kicked out of their house. Brick tries to convince his parents to give them the money because if they get evicted, Cindy will move away to her grandma. But Frankie and Mike are not changing their minds, and so the day arrives that Cindy moves away. All bags are packed, Brick gives her a present and they share a goodbye kiss. The car drives away and seconds later pulls up to the driveway of Cindy’s grandma, who apparently lives only two houses down.

Throughout the whole episode, I couldn’t believe that Cindy would actually move away and that they would find a solution for the money problem (probably because that’s how it goes in most other sitcoms). But when the moment was there, I really felt sad for Brick, until a minute later when I just started laughing at the car pulling up to the driveway at Cindy’s grandma. I guess Brindy is still a thing! 🙂

Meanwhile at East Indiana State, Sue is attending the 8AM lectures of Professor Nick Grant with much more interest than her peers, she even goes to his office hours to spend time with him. Of course this is not because she is so interested in the subjected, she is interested in the him. When she’s at his house with some other classmates, she embarrasses herself to impress him, until the point that he tells her that she might have a crush on him. Sue is embarrassed and gets out of Nick’s house as soon as she can, and is even so embarrassed that she wants to drop his class. That is until he sets her up with Jeremy, the guy on campus chained to a tree to save the planet (who we first saw in episode 12 of this season). Jeremy hasn’t been to class much and Nick thinks that Sue can help him with the work he needs to do to catch up.

Besides the hilarious twist in the storyline with Brick, I thought the talk between Axl and Brick was great too. Axl showed that he has matured a bit and that he now realizes that his parents want to do everything for their kids, but that they just don’t always can. Overall I thought Axl was pretty great in this episode, even though he didn’t have much to do and I wonder if he will make a move on Lexie someday. I also really enjoyed Sue’s storyline, Eden Sher was fantastic as always and I’m looking forward to see what will happen between her and Jeremy. So, another great episode with great performances by all!

Rating: 9.5/10