The Odd Couple: (S02E01) “All About Eavesdropping”


I am the new writer for The Odd Couple. I think Matthew Perry and Thomas Lennon are hilarious in this show. The supporting staff is quite good as well. Season two aired for the first time last night. The Odd Couple’s time slot is Thursdays at 8:30 pm Eastern.

Last night’s season opener centered on Felix (Thomas Lennon) and Oscar (Matthew Perry) listening in on their neighbor’s conversation upstairs. They sit out on their balcony and can hear them perfectly. It is a married couple who argue constantly. Eavesdropping becomes an obsession with Felix and Oscar. It is like their own private soap opera. They talk about it all the time, almost like two women which makes it even funnier.

The supporting cast of Wendell Pierce as Teddy, Yvette Nicole Brown as Dani, and Lindsay Sloane as Emily were running up and down the stairs all episode long training for a marathon at the Empire State Building. They made jokes about the Jefferson’s theme song “Moving on Up.”

Emily was complaining as Felix wasn’t spending enough time with her because he was busy listening to his neighbors. Yes, Felix and Emily are now dating.

The upstairs couple is named Linda and Frank and they make plans to separate due to their differences. This does not sit well with Felix and Oscar as they will lose their daily entertainment so they each do their part to keep Linda and Frank together. Felix talks to Linda in the laundry room stretching laundry metaphors to relationships. Matthew does the same thing with Frank in the gym only using exercise or workout metaphors.

Eventually Frank and Linda figure out that “the gay couple downstairs” (LMAO) had been listening in on their conversations which is why they were giving them advice. Linda and Frank go downstairs to confront Felix and Oscar. Yes, Linda and Frank think Felix and Oscar are gay. When they go down to Felix and Oscar’s apartment Linda says to Frank “Don’t hurt them. You’re on parole.” Oh my.

Anyhow, the couple stays together but keeps fighting and Felix and Oscar are happy because they get to listen to their show again.

Viewers can expect a new episode again next Thursday April 14.

So, The Odd Couple is funny to me. I am in my forties. I am not sure it will be funnier to young people especially with some of the cultural references that are made. So now inquiring minds want to know, if you watch this show, how old are you and what do you think of it? Sound off in the comments or reply on Twitter.