Blue Bloods: (S06E19) “Blast From the Past”


Just like last week, I will follow the stories of the characters from start to finish. It is too confusing to review the show in chronological order and jump from story to story.

Danny and Baez

The story of Danny and Baez is rather confusing. I never did catch a clear cut answer of who shot who and why. The story of Danny and Baez begins with them going to the hospital room of shooting victim Shawn Young. He was shot by a night club.  While at the hospital Danny and Baez run into a cop names Jimmy Mosley who Baez knows. Danny and the cop have a turf war regarding who gets to work the case. Baez says let’s just work the case together until told otherwise.

Later Danny tells Baez that he knows who Mosley is. He was a married cop who promised to leave his wife for Baez but he didn’t. Danny tells Baez she can take herself off the case if she wants but she says no she is a big girl.

Jimmy tries to get Baez to go out for one drink and says a lot has changed. She thinks about it but doesn’t answer. Danny says sorry to interrupt but he has footage from outside the club. Danny finds a woman who has a cartilage piercing in her ear and she has appeared at different crime scenes.

Danny and Mosley go to interview the shooting victim, Shawn, in the hospital. He says he is from Atlanta and doesn’t know anyone in NYC. He didn’t even really know the girl with the earring. He was just calling her Boo and was going to get in the car with her. He said the guys who shot him were wearing masks.

Baez has tracked down some missing plates related to the shooting to a parking garage. At the garage they find a dead body in an office. Mosley finds a limousine with blood all over the steering wheel. The driver of the limo is in the trunk, shot dead.

Baez and Danny are talking and Baez admits to having dinner with Jimmy last night and discussing the case. Baez admits that she was in love with him. Jimmy is divorced now and Baez is single so she says they may have this one chance to see if it works this time. Baez admits to having more than dinner. Jimmy shows up and says there is a match with the fingerprint. They have a last known address but when they get there a woman says he hasn’t been there in six months. That he left her for someone else.

Danny, Baez, and Jimmy are still working on the match to the fingerprint on the steering wheel of the limo from the shooting. They find out that an Audra has bailed him out. She is in the system and they have her last known address so they head out to her home.

Danny and Jimmy have a heart to heart that Jimmy thinks a lot of Baez and Danny. Danny says what happens between them is between them but that he does have Baez’s back.

At Audra’s home Danny sneaks up behind the girl with the earring, Audra, hands her off to the other police officers, takes her key and enters her home. Jimmy and Baez are there too. A guy is inside on the stairs and Danny tells him to get down on the ground face down. Another guy is in there and opens up shooting. Another one takes aim at Baez and Jimmy dives at Baez and takes her down. The other officers shoot the shooter. Jimmy is hit and is unconscious.

Baez and Danny are at the hospital to visit Jimmy and another female officer is in Jimmy’s room giving him something to drink, holding his hand, whispering sweet nothings in his ear, and kissing his forehead. Baez says we have a lot of paperwork to do and turns to leave. Danny stops her and says he did take a bullet for her. Baez says it is better this way because of their past. Danny puts his arm around Baez as they walk out and that is the end of their story for the week.

Eddie and Jamie

Eddie and Jamie are getting coffee and notice two women shouting. They say they were checking into the hotel and say someone stole their luggage. They turn out to be sisters. One is upset because her sister’s ring was in the bag.

The two ladies gave their statement to a detective who tells Jaime and Eddie that he already has six open cases on his desk that are more important. The two girls tell Jamie and Eddie that the ring is valuable. It is a family heirloom and is the most expensive thing their family owns. They say that the department doesn’t care because they are just two Mexican girls who will be gone in a week.

Jamie tells one of the girls from the hotel that hopefully they can get the ring back to her in time for the wedding. She asks him to the wedding as a date. Jamie says it’s against department rules on an open case. She says, what about protection? He says he can do it as moonlighting as security. How sweet.

Somehow Jamie and Eddie have tracked down some guys who might have stolen the suitcases from the girls at the hotel. Jamie asks where he would fence the ring.

Jamie and Eddie are at a pawn shop where the stolen ring could have been fenced. They ask the owner what he would do with a Peralto ring but he says he wouldn’t sell it there. He would take it to auction and it would sell for $80,000. Jamie and Eddie ask what he did with the ring. The owner says the thieves were there but he didn’t know it was stolen and he doesn’t admit a thing. Eddie asks who it was. The owner says he records every transaction for his protection. We don’t get to see what is in the video but Jamie smiles and shakes his head.

Jamie and Eddie arrest one of the two girls for false reports. One of the girls sold the ring to the fence herself. She sold the ring because she wanted to stay in the U.S. and didn’t want to go back to Mexico. So, she was caught selling the ring on the camera feed that Jamie saw.

That is the end of Jamie and Eddie’s story for the week.


Frank is talking to Sid Gormley who says Thomas Scully is up for sergeant. This Scully passed the sergeant exam with flying colors. However Scully helped murder an innocent Muslim teenager named Mohammed about fifteen years ago but he was acquitted. Scully was one of about three or four cops involved in this shooting. Garrett comes in and says to Frank that he is going to go by the book on this, isn’t he? Frank says yes and Sid and Garrett tell him they will undo years of work on race relations in the city.

Frank meets with Scully and another officer. Franks says the other three officers involved in the shooting retired but Scully didn’t. Frank would have recommended him to retire but he wasn’t Commissioner then. Scully says he stayed in the job to do right by Mohammed and to honor him with his service. Frank says intent does not guarantee results. The officer with Scully says he is a hero. Frank says an officer who turns someone into Swiss cheese and barely hung onto his job is a hero? Not in his book. Frank says they are done and asks Scully to leave.

Frank is home and his dad Henry says don’t shut me out. They are discussing the Scully situation. Henry says there is nothing in the patrol guide on how to handle this.

At the Reagan family dinner one of Danny’s boys asks if any of their ancestors entered the U.S.  through Ellis Island. Henry says his great great grandfather tried to get in twice but was turned away because of an eye condition but he found a way to enter through another port in New York. The boys ask if there are any traditions that are still continued from way back then. Henry says the family dinner is an Irish tradition.

After dinner, Jamie and Frank are talking about Tom Scully. Jamie asks if Frank wants his two cents. Jamie says Scully came to his training class at the academy and talked about the shooting he was involved in. Frank says it must have been a class in what not to do. Jamie says it was. The apartment was dark and someone moved too fast. The deceased was just reaching for his wallet. Scully admitted he shot first and the other cops just had a sympathetic response. Scully admitted to it. Jamie says Scully was brave. Jamie says there is more than one definition to a good cop and that he learned more from Scully than any of his teachers at the academy.

Frank is in a restaurant and Scully comes to meet him. A reporter at the Times got a hold of the story about the promotion and Frank tells Scully that he told the reporter to hold it back. Scully asks why. Frank says this hero version of his story is not true even though he has paid dearly for his mistake. Frank says if the Times print that list of promotions including Scully’s name, people will be throwing things at his precinct and it becomes a safety issue for the New York police. Frank offers Scully jobs in two or three different cities with a promotion and a pay increase. Scully asks what if he refuses. Frank says he will have a desk job out at the port authority. He will not put the city’s police force in danger for one police officer. Scully says it’s not fair. Frank says it’s not fair but it’s what’s happening here. He gives Scully a six pm deadline. Scully salutes Frank when he gets up to leave the restaurant but Frank does not salute him back. Wow! Talk about disrespecting a fellow officer. And that is the end of the episode. Viewers can expect a new episode next week.