Rush Hour: (S01E02) ‘Two Days, or The Number of Hours Within That Time Frame’

And again the theory of putting a loud African-American in one team partnered with a silent law abiding Asian dude is always hilarious.

In this episode a group of house invaders who would go for wall safes and one of them took a very expensive 80 grand expensive watch. 

And the watch lands on the hands of none other than the cousin of Carter. Getting caught while selling ‘medicinal marijuana’ his final strike was done and he was getting jail time.

Carter decided to free him and it bit him back in his butt. His cousin cuffed him and ran away to get his own leads.

In the end they get their guy and we see the partnership develop to a whole new level as Carter learns Lee’s first name and Lee decides to ask for a favor to get Carter’s cousin jail time cancelled.

Great episode. Worth a watch like a mini movie.