The 100: (S03E10) ‘Fallen’

After last week’s emotionally draining episode, I was looking forward to the payback. And in The 100 style it definitely came. I know Octavia chooses to deal with what happened her way but part of me is half expecting a breakdown after she finally gets over this violence patch. I did like what Bellamy did but after outsmarting the Arcadia group so much, I found it odd that Pike went so easily.

I am not a fan of the Red Lady storyline. I have said that before because I don’t see the point. But I actually liked it, or well paid attention this week. Usually I’d zone out or get frustrated and fast forward. The whole possession theme is a bit weird but I’ll go along with it for now.

The best part about this episode was the ending. Clarke finally returns and the trailer shows the entire group back together trying to help Raven.