The Goldbergs (S03E20) “Dungeons and Dragons, Anyone?”

Review: Adam is sick of it that he and his friends are always picked last for the teams in P.E. class, so he asks Coach Mellor if he can pick the teams for once. After finally convincing him, he gets to pick the teams in gym class, but instead of picking his friends first, he picks all the jocks. After Adam’s team crushes his friends in a game of basketball, Coach Mellor realizes that giving Adam the power over the teams wasn’t the best idea, so he decides that for the next class the teams will be the same, but Dave Kim can pick what game they are playing: Dungeons and Dragons. Adam and his friends know all about the game, but the jocks in Adam’s team don’t have a clue, so he tries to teach them the game with a little help from Barry. What follows is an epic game between the two teams.At the end, Adam can win the game, but he loses on purpose because he realizes that he doesn’t need the respect of the jocks, he wants his friends’ respect back.

Erica is thinking about colleges and she has decided that she wants to go to Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh, but that is too far for Beverly. They schedule a meeting with Mr. Glasscott to discuss the opportunities Erica has. Right away Beverly realizes that CMU is perfect for Erica and she changes her mind, however Murray, who first wanted her to get out of the house, has changed his mind too and now wants her to stay home at ‘Goldberg U’. And while Bev still supports Erica in her dream, she does come up with a plan to be close to her daughter: attending the university with her. Erica gets very angry when she hears this and is disappointed that her parents won’t let her have her dreams. That’s when Murray and Beverly realize that they need to let go of their daughter.

This episode was great! I thought Barry was very funny, even though he didn’t play a big part in this episode, the times that he was there (out of nowhere) were great! Pops’ small role was very funny as well. I also liked it a lot that the roles of Bev and Murray were reversed in this episode: “Murray, I’m usually the irrational one who keeps our children from enjoying their lives, not you”. It’s great that we get to see Erica thinking about college and I’m very curious how it will be when she is out of the house!

Rating: 9.5/10

Best Bev Bomb ever