The Originals: (S03E17) ‘Behind the Black Horizon’

Joseph Morgan directed this episode. Like his amazing performance this episode too was great. 

Lucian now revealed himself to the whole family but in some style. Making the blood which had some more enhancements as compared to Klaus’s hybrid self. 

Klaus got his werewolf side from the 7 packs and Hailey from another but Lucian got his from all of hem combined and the effects were seen when he but Finn an original and Klaus wasn’t able to cure him.

Throughout the episode we got to see Klaus and Hayley work together as a team. But what surprised me the most was how he decided to stick with her than go after the only person that could end him.

And remember when I said forget Aurora that was the last thing to do. She too will now have super power more than originals power.

Really excited with where the plot is headed.