The Vampire Diaries (S07E17) “I Went to the Woods”


After the cliffhanger of last episode, I must say that overall this episode was not that bad at all. In last week episode, Stefan (Paul Wesley) was stabbed by Reyna with the Phoenix Sword but Nora and Mary Louise destroyed the phoenix stone thinking that “they were doing the world a favor” as Valerie said in this episode. This particular fact, left us wondering if Stefan was dead for good or what? Therefore, this episode centered around what happened to Stefan after the phoenix stone was destroyed and I must congratulate Paul Wesley for doing a very good job in this episode. 

Just as a random thought here, I kind of miss the “Dear, diary…” intro from the beginning of the show past seasons, well its Vampire Diaries after all. But back to the episode, it started with Stefan lying in the street with different clothes and a crash accident near him where a school bus was burning. He was disoriented but the first thing he did was try to save the people trapped in the fire. At first he does not remember his name, but then he started to remember and thought that he was still trapped in the Phoenix Stone and that everything he was experiencing was product of the stone hallucinations to give him a lesson. After that, he discovered that he is trapped in the body of a man named Marty who is a drug/alcohol addict who happened to be also a murderer. When the police wanted him arrested he escaped, running into the woods where he found an abandoned house. Then he took an old truck and drive to the street until he goes out of gasoline, when he asked a young woman to borrow her cellphone, she recognized him as the fugitive the police is searching for. Scared she dropped her phone and drive away.

Not able to accepted the impossible, that Stefan was probably dead for good, we saw a Damon (Ian Somerhalder) in denial thinking that if Stefan was dead for real it was his fault and he could not accept it, so he was pursuing the last string of hope left: hunt down Reyna so she can help them (Damon and Valerie) find Stefan. Valerie decided to hunt Reyna on her own, and she revealed that all the souls trapped in the Phoenix Stone scattered around the world in the first dead body they found. This revelation was what made sense as to why Stefan was trapped in a human body. But the question is, who is in Stefan’s body then? Since, “Stefan” was acting strange, Damon started to suspect that something was off with him. Anyway after that, the random vampire now in Stefan’s body escaped from Damon, after asking about Memphis.

After, Valerie and Alaric used Reyna to located Stefan soul, they found out he was in Arkansas and Damon went there to find Stefan. He had less than 48 hours to find him or he was going to die, because a human vessel was not strong enough for a vampire soul. The concept of having vampires with souls is interesting, since most of the vampire literature describes vampires as soulless, therefore is something that differs from vampire cliché.

 Once Damon was in Arkansas he went to the Police Station compelling everyone and pretending to be Matt Donovan, which I found hilarious. There he found out about Stefan’s location and about the dropped cellphone. Damon called to this phone and Stefan picked up. In this scene, both Salvatore brothers had a very heart to heart conversation. Stefan thinking that he was going to die and Damon in his way to find him, they made reference to when they played Hide and Seek as kids, this was really the most emotional moment of this episode, in my opinion.

Another thing I want to talk about was a brief conversation between Valerie and Alaric that did not escaped most fans from the show. In this conversation, Caroline was mention. Alaric made clear that he was in love with Caroline, had asked her to marry him, she said “yes” for the twins sake and that they will marry in a month! Yes, I know these are disturbing news. I mean, like most fans had point out in social media, Alaric was her teacher twice (in Mystic Falls High School and Whitmore University) and Elena’s (Nina Dobrev) guardian making him almost like a father to her. Oh, and talking about father, Alaric was the one to kill Caroline’s father, remember? So, yes, I think this “relationship” if that is how can be called, is totally and completely ridiculous, in my opinion.

Anyway, Alaric also mentioned that Caroline is somewhere hiding with the kids waiting for him to meet them; hence this got me thinking if this will tied with the flash forward where we saw Caroline in her way to New Orleans. Let’s say, I’m hoping this means another crossover with the shows, I really want to know that happened after Caroline arrived in New Orleans looking for Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and did not find him there. 

By the end of the episode, the vampire in Stefan’s body goes to Memphis to a fraternity party while Alaric narrated a story of a serial killer in Memphis that manipulated his victims to kill each other and never got caught.

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