Wynonna Earp SO1EO2 Keep The Home Fires Burning


Wynonna and women, what could be better? More women and Wynonna! Well just drop us into the action why don’t they? It’s no surprise where this episode is headed, considering the occupants of that lady bar. But, it doesn’t last long as we’re ripped from our lovelies to earlier where Wynonna and Dolls are sitting comfy and cozy going over demon’s–I mean revenants. Sheesh, why can’t Dolls and I get it straight? Speaking of Dolls, he’s doing much better this week. I’m hoping the writers didn’t intend for him & Wynonna to have a romantic chemistry because they’re better as a comedic duo. The bit in the van was golden. Too bad Wynonna’s first job was a bust (no pun intended). But I’m sure she’ll get the bad guys in the end.

Mr. Doc Holiday hops into a game of Texas Hold’em with the boys (revenants) while Dolls breaks out the big guns (no joke, he literally brings out the big guns) for Wynonna to get some much needed practice. You would have thought in 27 years she would have learned to shoot by now.

I do love the humor in this show. What it lacks in other areas, it sure makes up for in being campy. I don’t know if they’re going for that, but it certainly seems like they’re trying.

Enter officer Dimples–er Haught, who seemingly is being set up as a romantic interest for Waverly Earp? Who up till now has been straight? I rechecked the IMDb site and it now says Ms. Haught will be in 10 episodes. This viewer is so confused, but hey so’s this show, we’re good!

BoBo is scary! Not BoBo the drawing or that silly thing we encounter a few times during, but the ‘end of the episode BoBo’. That man gave me the chills! But I’ll be back next week because I’m a sucker for SyFy.

IMDb gave it a 5.5 stars as of this writing.
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