Grey’s Anatomy (S12E17): “I Wear The Face”

Review: The residents are on edge, because there is a prize in play. One of them can win a research grant to travel around for a year while they work on a special research project. Jo and Stephanie are applying, but Penny doesn’t although she could. She doesn’t think she’d win and she doesn’t want to leave behind Callie and the hospital now that she is finally starting to blend in. All the applicants will be reviewed by the attendings and then the chief of surgery will choose a winner.

Stephanie asks Amelia if she will back her application up when the attendings meet, but Amelia can’t really say anything about it (but she unofficially confirms she will support Stephanie). This leaves Stephanie a little less worried. Ever since dr. Webber forced all the residents to be on another attendings service Amelia discovered how much potential Penny had for neurosurgery. This means Stephanie isn’t the only one who is being favored by Amelia. Especially when Penny is the one who gets picked to assist on the surgery of their current patient. A jealous Stephanie complains about Penny to Jo, but doesn’t realize Penny is able to hear anything she says. Penny on the other hand is not backing out. She is so pissed that she applies for the grant as well. Jo hears about this from Alex (who was in the meeting) and tells Stephanie. They confront Penny and accuse her of being sneaky. Stephanie also goes to Amelia, because she wants to know what she said about Penny when her name came up in the meeting. Amelia said she gave her professional opinion (meaning she was supportive). Stephanie can’t deal. I wonder what she is going to do if she finds out Penny is actually the one who won the grant. Yep, she did. And Callie and Penny are celebrating although Callie pretends to be happy and supportive, but she clearly isn’t super excited about another girlfriend who will be away from her for such a long time.  

In the meantime April and Arizona are working together on a patient case. It’s 14-year old girl, who turns out to be pregnant and doesn’t want her mother to know. Hm. Sounds vaguely familiar, doesn’t it? Surprisingly enough it is April who informs the mother about her daughters pregnancy despite the fact Arizona told her not to (and isn’t there such a thing a doctor-patient confidentiality?). April just thought she was doing the right thing. And again, doesn’t this sound familiar? Arizona seems to think so too and points out the similarities to the story when she told Jackson about April being pregnant and felt she had to. This leads to Arizona and April making up for their previous fight, because April now understands why Arizona did what she did. A little bit fast don’t you think? I am a bit disappointed in April though. If she ever tells someone again to go to hell, I won’t believe her anymore.

Then we have Catherine Avery who is still in town and she is still planning to sue April for signing the divorce papers with a straight face and not informing Jackson about the baby. She is making herself very busy by finding a good enough lawyer to represent Jackson. Jackson on the other hand does not want to hear anything she has to say about lawyers. Dr. Webber and Catherine are fighting about this as well, because dr. Webber thinks she should let Jackson deal with the situation himself instead of intervening. He tries to talk her out of a lawsuit, even when he learns that Jackson’s father tried to take away Jackson from her, which is why this is such a sensitive subject for Catherine. Of course April overhears dr. Webber and Catherine Avery talk about lawyering up and wanting to fight April for custody over the baby. April is scared and decides to take matters into her own hand by putting a restraining order on Jackson. Jackson on the other hand is still not taking his mother’s advice, but does tell her he will fight for his baby like an Avery would. And he does. Jackson had a crib send to April’s apartment as a gift, because he doesn’t want to fight (anymore). April only finds out about it after Jackson is being served. This can only lead to more drama and I am not sure how and when this situation is going to be fixed.

Also, Meredith, Owen and Riggs go away to recover a heart for a transplant patient (and ditch Bailey budget meeting at the same time). It’s a very long ride, especially for Meredith who’s in the middle of a fighting Owen and Riggs. We do learn that Riggs hasn’t told the whole truth about how Owen’s sister, Meg, ended up onto the helicopter that disappeared. It turns out he wasn’t there to supposedly talk Meg out of going. Nope, he was busy with his mistress. That’s is why Owen is so pissed and can’t seem to let it go. Owen and Meredith agreed on hating Riggs (that’s why Owen told Meredith about his sister), but I don’t think Meredith really does. And  I just hope Owen is going to get over this already, because everybody needs to move on.